Quad Bikes

Quad Bikes

Much beyond many peoples beliefs, the humble quad bike started to become a household name back in the late 70’s early 80’s, yet not for the reason you may be thinking. Should you decide to look up the word “Quad” in the dictionary you will find the following definition;

  • Adjective: designation or compromising of four persons or things.

Now, never could a stranger expression be used for something that was in fact, based on a Three Wheeled Machine and not as it is today, a Four Wheeled Machine.

The early days of Quad Bikes was purely an agricultural affair, where by farmers would use them to do the easy tasks like rounding up sheep or cattle or where they just needed to get from point A to B slightly quicker than using a tractor. Let’s face it, we have all been stuck behind a tractor or two in our time and they are never the fastest moving vehicle on the road.

Now, if you looked up the word “Quad Bike” in the dictionary it would say;

  • Definition: An off-road four-wheeled motorcycle; also called quad

And not even a mention of the three wheeled version of the Quad Bike ancestry. The strange thing is that when you look at the wiki answer to the word Quad Bike it is one of the first things they mention about it being derived from a three wheeled machine.

So from humble beginnings as a three wheeled bike, the Quad Bike evolved with its rightful four wheels. The market started to grow in the late 80’s where 3 manufacturer’s started to produce machines that were specific to the nature of an off-road vehicle and called them ATV or All Terrain Vehicles. Progressing into the 90’s was when the market interest started to increase, forcing the hand of manufacturer’s to make them look a little more up to date as well as for a more general purpose.

This is when the market started showing signs of divide, the two classifications went their own ways and the Quad Bike was a formally known machine in it’s own right.

By the time we were in the late 90’s the market was showing sure signs of growth potential. More machines were being imported into the UK from China, Japan and other Asian countries where manufacturer’s could see business starting to increase within the field.

The turn of the millennium became the breaking point for the industry, vehicles were now being used on the road as well as off road, and more and more garage’s started to stock known brand machines so that they could take a little section of the market share.

From 2007-2008, the industry became uncountable in respect of how many manufacturer’s were popping up out of the woodwork. In the early part of 2008, the manufacturer count was nearing 35+ and there was no sign of it letting up.

Due to it’s ever increasing popularity you know have more manufacturers of Quad Bikes than you do Motorcycles. The Chinese are getting more intelligence saying that this market is still growing, and more and more machines are hitting the retail world by storm.

The only one issue you have with the Chinese Manufacturers over the Japanese counterparts are that parts and accessories are harder to come by because they do not have dealer support. Where as, with your Japanese manufacturer they have been in the market for so long now that they have engaged support and parts ordering through most Motorcycle Dealerships.