Choosing Network Marketing As a Career

Choosing Network Marketing As a Career

With the Internet firmly in place, it is so much easier to establish network marketing  as a career than ever before compared when it was started in the 90s. The online network marketing boom is actually not being fully utilized even though new technology has been injected in terms of communications, tools, etc.

Today, there are thousands of network marketing companies that are thriving on the Of course, there are still many network scams going on, in fact there are several of them. But this is a drop in the bucket, in proportion to the many that are respected and are exactly what they claim to be. Your task is to do your research on these companies before making your choice.

Becoming an independent home based distributor for a network marketing company is not what it used to be. Just a few short years ago, network marketers were required to create their downlines by introducing friends, family and any one they had ever met before to be leads. It was up to the marketer to invade their personal lives and pitch everyone they had ever known to join their downline and become distributors just like them. I used to do that especially cold calling a prospect. However, doing cold calling at times is good for you to experience it.

Today, you can actually make a career out of being a network marketer. Yes, this is what every network marketing company always promises to you anyway, but with the availability of the Internet, it is true and justified. Thousands of independent home based distributors have quit their full-time jobs and are making lucrative incomes by network marketing online.

The Internet has made all of this feasible by providing everyone all the tools to build their own promotional website, along with the methods to drive unlimited traffic to it. Once the traffic arrives, it is up to the network marketer to provide a reason – services, products, opportunity – for them to be there. After all, this is what marketing is all about.

The best way to create your website is to use blog. Using a blogging platform can increase the website visibility. I will touch on this next time.

Network marketers use list building methods to develop good and targeted leads. It all sounds vague, but can be explained.

As a network marketer, you offer the traffic – people who visited your website – a way to sign up or subscribe with their email on your website. You can offer them newsletter, e-book, email course, etc. In this way, your leads can stay informed about everything that is about your market. Your leads should consider joining and being a member of your downline so they can make all of this money right along with the rest of your downline.

You have an auto responder that sends out your weekly, updated newsletters to everyone that has subscribed to receive it.

Eventually, many subscribers to your newsletter will breakdown and cry. They realize that they have been missing out. They hate their present jobs anyway and are looking for a way out that you provide! Suddenly, your leads join, converting themselves as your downline.

Let summarize how the is connecting the dots. The Internet leads to your promotional website. The website leads to methods to generate traffic to it (many, many easy techniques to generate good traffic). The traffic at your website wants to subscribe to your very lively, informative newsletter. The auto responder insures that the subscriber all get your information in their email. The email or newsletter will convert the leads into prospects. The prospects will join your program and become your downline.

Is life should be this easy? This all takes some time to do. The good news is, as a network marketer, you do not have to find many resources on you own. Your entire network will help you duplicate their methods so you can start generating hot leads in no time.