The Samsung ML 1610 Printer – Use Compatible Toner to Help the Planet

The Samsung ML 1610 Printer - Use Compatible Toner to Help the Planet

It can be hard to find the right printer to fit your needs. This is especially true if you are not sure exactly what kind of printer you need. Hopefully the following article will be able to illuminate things a little bit. This is because we are going to discuss the pros and cons of a particular model: the Samsung ML 1610 printer. Just to outline a few key points right now, you can rest assured that you will be able to afford this printer. For a laser jet, it is actually quite inexpensive. It is also quite compact, and it prints very quickly.

This model is considered to be one of the smallest printers currently available on the market. However, its compact size is not a detriment to the quality of its printing. In fact, it prints very high quality documents. Considering that it is not only small but also lightweight, this is quite a feat.

Furthermore, another pro about this printer lies in the fact that it can hold a whole lot of paper. That means you will not have to fill up the tray all the time. The fact that it holds upwards of a hundred and fifty pages standard is a real plus. You will not need to use the optional trays which are actually built into the printer. This can save a whole lot of time.

For that matter, you will be able to print a lot of documents of varying sizes. The ML 1610 model handles lots of paper sizes. Legal papers, A4 sized pages – you name it, and this printer will be able to handle it. Although it was actually designed for basic printing, it can still print crisp black and white documents very well.

There is little doubt that this printer is affordable for just about any budget. The fact that it is small also speaks well in its favor. It is also incredibly easy to use. The software makes it easy to get it installed and set up properly. Users very much enjoy its control panel as well.

A lot of people also praise the ML 1610 for its printing speeds. It can handle upwards of sixteen pages each minute. Considering its affordability, that is nothing short of amazing. Of course, that is the rate for black and white printing. It must be said that, for color printing, it may not rank up there with some of the other laser jet models currently on the market.

That being said, there is no denying this printer’s versatility. It will handle envelopes, any type of card, and it will even print labels. It is one of the only printers of its kind that can handle that many different sizes.