Pepper Mace Baton – A Double Whammy

Pepper Mace Baton - A Double Whammy

The Pepper Mace Baton is not what you would think when you hear the word baton. A regular baton brings images of the big police baton used to bring down rioters. Or you think of a cartoon policeman chasing a bad guy with a baton. The Mace Baton is much different. It is a small and compact unit that is easy to use. It is something that can easily fit in the door pocket of your car or in your shirt pocket.

The Pepper Mace Baton is a self-defense tool not to be without. You can conveniently hook it to your keys and put a means of personal safety in your hand at all times. With a flick of your thumb you can arm the baton and be ready to use the pepper spray. The spray is dispensed in a cone shaped discharge of about five feet and the unit contains 6 half second bursts. It is low profile and devastatingly effective against attack.

This baton is a kubotan also, which is a highly accessible, durable self defense key chain, according to the dictionary. It can be held in your hand while hooked to your keys to flail your keys at the assailant. It can be used to stabilize your fist to apply pressure to sensitive parts of the body or to punch at the bony parts such as the knuckles or wrists.

It was originally developed as a tool for police officers to bring down suspects without permanent injury. Then they began teaching female officers to use it because it was an easy and effective way for them to tame an unruly person. In the mid-1970’s when it became popular it was known at the “Instrument of Attitude Adjustment”. they are used in martial arts a lot but really require no training.

With the Pepper Mace Baton you get a double whammy as far as being able to use it several different ways. It comes in five colors, pewter, red, black, blue, and purple. It is a hard plastic or aluminum alloy cylinder about 5 1/2 inches long and 9/16 inches in diameter with a key ring attached. It has the capability of being refilled so that you always have a fresh canister of pepper mace in the baton. By carrying the pepper mace baton you will always have an effective, powerful pepper spray for any problems that might come your way.

In choosing a non-lethal product such as the Pepper Mace Baton you can protect your family, yourself and your property while minimizing the likelihood of bring harm to the ones you love. Remember, trust your instincts. If something feels wrong, it probably is. Take action, don’t wait. You need to be in charge of protecting the lives of your and your family.

While certain restrictions apply in about 8 states and some municipalities, non-lethal self defense sprays are allowed in most areas of the United States.