Privacy – Claiming Your Rights!

Privacy - Claiming Your Rights!

In the name of fighting terrorists and criminals, all governments are now greedily reducing people’s privacy – to a degree that is a serious threat to our fundamental freedom rights!

The old wisdom of Benjamin Franklin is more relevant today than ever: “Those who are willing to give up even a small fraction of their liberty in order to achieve some protection deserve neither liberty nor protection.” We might add, “- and will not obtain any of those either!”

The problem is very old. It was the start of the feudal medieval ages that made a few noblemen very rich and the majority of the population very poor.

It is a fact of history that those “protectors” want to get paid for their services, and, once they have the power, they demand more payment – and offer fewer services, eventually none. But they still demand payment….

The modern “noblemen” are the big commercial enterprises (bankers!) that control the government bureaucrats, through their lobbying and bribery. They need the government to pay its debt to them – so they need to support the government in getting more taxes! In fact, both the government as such, as well as its individual representatives, are at gunpoint in regards to honoring the demands from the powers-that-be – the big creditors who have lent government money. Big money.

Unfortunately, because most people are too lazy, too comfortable, too busy, too ignorant, too uneducated, too misinformed, or too brainwashed, a revolution is not very likely to happen, and even less likely to be successful.

The question then becomes “How can YOU escape this slavery and re-establish some privacy, at least for yourself and your family?”

The answer is that you need to establish a second identity for this. No, you don’t need any false passport. And you do not need any counterfeit documents. This can be done completely legally, in accordance with the very same rules as the government uses to control you!

The trick is that you must do it (or have it done), so that your personal liabilities are disconnected from this new identity. You cannot create that second ID in your capacity of government slave, i.e. by using any government owned ID for you. So, opening a bank account in a foreign country and submitting to that bank a copy of your driver’s license is putting you right back at square one! You have to act as a sovereign individual that does not depend on government, by completely abstaining from using government owned ID to do it.


No. But absolutely possible – when you accept that it takes that you start educating yourself about the true nature about the government’s tricks and exactly where the limits of its powers go.