Pepper Spray Ring is a Girls Best Friend

Pepper Spray Ring is a Girl's Best Friend

One day Josh is on the internet and he sees a website for self defense products and there on one of the pages is a beautiful gleaming Pepper Spray Ring that says, “The most beautiful piece of jewelry you will ever own”! He thinks it looks rather interesting because after all, guys are always interested in gadgets. As he reads on, he discovers that the ring comes in sizes 6-14 and is offered in both silver and gold plating with a genuine black onyx stone. He thinks about his girlfriend going to school and having to walk across campus at night and it makes him really nervous about her safety.

The article says that the Pepper Spray Ring is a beautiful self-defense ring with pepper spray enclosed inside. If offers safety, elegance and confidence for both men and women. If your stuck in a bad situation every second counts. Hunting for the pepper spray in your purse or pocket may not be the best decision when you need to take split-second action. Well that certainly is true. When you are scared out of your wits you don’t think very rationally.

The Pepper Spray Ring contains the strongest dose of pepper spray available. It sprays a 12 inch pattern that can nauseate, burn and temporarily disarm your attacker, but causes no permanent injury. The effects of the spray will last about 45 minutes. If you use the contents of the ring you can purchase a refill canister from your dealer.

Josh is going to ask the love of his life to marry him and he really likes the idea of the Pepper Spray Rings. Why not order 2 matching rings and do it all up in one glorious, special evening. He makes all his plans and the night arrives, she is dying of curiosity.

What is he planning that could possibly be so important. He tells her how important she is to him and how he would die if anything happened to her. He could not live without her. Then he pulls out two ring boxes. She is confused and bewildered. Enthusiastically he tells her how he knows that diamonds are a girls’ best friend but this beautiful black onyx  Pepper Spray ring will keep her safe when she is alone. He says that it will give him peace of mind. He hopes she will accept it and wear it always when she is out by herself. Josh told her that he bought one for himself too. This would be their little secret, matching black onyx rings, their most important piece of jewelry.

She looked grateful but a little disappointed because she had anticipated getting a diamond. Just then Josh pulls out another ring box and asks her to marry him.

Now maybe this sounds a little corny but the principal idea is good. The Pepper Spray Ring is inconspicuous, easy to use and gives you a way out of a sticky situation. Besides, what better way is there to protect someone you love.