Economic Recovery, Or More Suffering?

Economic Recovery, Or More Suffering?

We all know the problem. We call hard economic times a depression. Our ancestors lived through the Great Depression, including my grandparents. How did they survive? They farmed, had a garden, did canning and did without things if they could not afford them. She had one dress to wear and one to wash. She owned two pair of shoes.

What do people need to survive? They need shelter, water, food and clothing. They need reasonable health care according to each unique situation.

No one enjoys talking about hard times or what caused it. Yet, if we ignore it nothing good will come out of it. It will pass and there is hope. Some of the happiest people I ever met were considered poor.

Credit is borrowing from a lender. Interest is what the lender charges to make a profit and stay in business. If we do not pay back the money we borrowed, it is stealing. Have we become a nation of thieves? So we admit our mistakes and start paying something each month. We have to look at the differences between wants and needs. Doing without something you desire will mean you will have to find something else to do with your time. Greed caused these problems.

During the Depression, people moved to where there were jobs. There were food kitchens and the grain operators and chicken owners helped their neighbors. They canned what they grew in their gardens. It was considered stylish to be overweight, because it was a sign of wealth.

When creditors call, tell them you will make arrangements to pay them back and make a small payment each month. If they call too often, tell them you will correspond through the mail. Make sure it is not a criminal trying to make you think you owe money that you do not.

One man I spoke with said it is good to try to get all you can from our government. All I could think of was what former President Kennedy said. He said, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

It may take ten to twenty years for things to get back on track, but there is nothing wrong with being poor. They are happy people most of the time.