Is Our Country Out of Control? I Do Believe It Is

Is Our Country Out of Control? I Do Believe It Is

Every day in the news we see things like Preachers and Ministers accused of sexual abuse. Policemen charged with bribes, excessive beating and wrongful shootings.

We see Congressmen, Senators, Governors and city officials charged with everything from adultery to unexplained deaths. Corruption is actually running rampant all across our nation.

But that is not what I’m talking about here. What I’m talking about is a little closer to home. I’m talking about the extent to which we have gone in an attempt to protect our individual rights.

I’m talking about sexual harassment, child abuse and law suits. Have you paid any attention to just how easy it is to sue someone nowadays? You can sue or be sued over almost anything and some of the most ridiculous things ever.

Who ever told that woman to pull into a McDonald’s drive up window and order a hot cup of coffee? Who ever told her to put that hot cup of coffee between her legs and drive? All that was her choice but she sued McDonald’s and was awarded millions for her own stupidity.

It was stated that the coffee was too hot. If you ordered a cup of coffee and it was only lukewarm, oh, how you would complain. It was also stated that the container should have a warning statement printed on it. Would you have taken the time to read the warning? I doubt it.

If you are too stupid to know that hot coffee is HOT maybe you should not be ordering it or anything in the first place. You probably should not be driving either. Why sue someone because you are stupid?

And what about sexual harassment, isn’t there a little overkill there? Oh, you bet there is. Sexual harassment charges were originally designed for the protection of women in the work place. It got carried away and to make it more fair men’s right were included.

Sexual harassment works for both sexes now and charges are made daily. Over 85% of the harassment charges (and that is a conservative figure) are filed by women.

Don’t write and challenge that statement, you know it is true. Women file harassment charges over some of the most incidental little things. It has gotten to a point where a gentleman can approach a woman and if his eyes are not matching hers or if he lays a hand on her wrist, hand or shoulder she can file a charge.

It is sexual abuse. If he tells her she looks very nice today she can file a charge and some do. It has gotten to a point where even a glance across a room can be construed as a sexual harassment look.

If a man looks at a woman’s breasts it is sexual harassment but why is there a sign printed on the front of the shirt she is wearing. If a mans eyes are reading the wording on the shirt he could be in trouble.

I know the women of the country are going to be calling me all kinds of names, but think about it, is it not true? Can we not be brought up on charges for some of the most absurd reasons?

Some of the men also file harassment charges but the numbers are quite different. If a woman places her hand on a mans arm or even his knee he looks at it as just another gesture of friendship or conversation. He does not jump up and scream “You touched me” and file charges.

If the charge is made by a man it is usually directed toward a female superior and it is for something said or insinuated for a period of time.

Lets face it, sexual harassment has been taken way past the state of being for any protection. It has been taken to the level of a weapon. Something that can be used to hide reality or seek revenge rather than true harassment.

And what about our children! Our kids are more into drugs and alcohol now than ever before. Boys are carrying firearms to school for who knows what purpose. Girls running away from home to become prostitutes.

This would not have been tolerated 20 or 25 years ago. We would have corrected our kids before anything escalated to a dangerous point. But NO, someone said that is not a nice thing to do and we began to loose control.

I know, you are looking out for the child. Well, I believe in protecting the children too but I still believe in some form of punishment too. The children of today have become over protected and they know it.

They know that you are no longer allowed to spank them, hit them, shake them, scold them or even raise your voice at them. You as a parent are not allowed to correct your child in any way at all. The only thing you are allowed to do is talk to them, and you better speak softly of you will be charged with verbal abuse.

The children can actually hit you but you cannot hit them back. They can spit on you, you better not retaliate. They can cuss you out but don’t you use foul language back to them.

Remember the old saying “Spare the rod and spoil the child”? I know, I wouldn’t use the rod either, but a little swat on the butt can do wonders for the attitude correction.

I remember having my butt paddled and it didn’t cause irreparable damage. Hell, I can remember having to go cut the switch that was used on my backside. Didn’t hurt anything but my pride.

You should have seen the paddle my principal used in school. It was big, wide and full of little holes. He didn’t mind using it either.

I’m not saying that I didn’t deserve it, I did. I’m just saying it was big, hard and it got your attention. It was something you didn’t want to have as a regular visitor.

The way the child protection laws are written today is actually a bit disturbing. If you correct your child you can go to jail. If you don’t correct your child you can go to jail. You are not allowed, but the officials are not going to do it either. Who is supposed to do it.

Some of the people who make up these rules are people who have never had children and some are people whose children have already lived through the tough times and are now grown and gone.

I say now and I always will say that you cannot raise a child by the book. No book ever written has covered all the situations that will come up in the raising of a child.

The only one who should help us raise our children is God, and he uses no manual.

Ok, I have said enough, shoot those comments and complaints to me. I can take it. But before you do, think about what has been said.