When You Snooze You Lose – Article Writing That Doesnt Bore

When You Snooze You Lose - Article Writing That Doesn't Bore

When writing an article containing technical or business content, it is easy to let the writing get robotic. Many authors believe that professional writing has to equal boring. When you let your writing get too technical you lose your audience. It may seem simple enough, but many professionals marketing an article have difficulty creating that engage as much as they inform.

How can you avoid being boring? Here are few tips to writing an article that won’t flop:

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Everyone loves a good fairy tale. Just because your content is informative doesn’t mean you can’t tell an equally attention grabbing story. Try and put the main points of your article into a surprising context. Use nursery rhymes or pop culture references to help illustrate your point and put the information into a more exciting context that will engage the reader.

Dumb it Down

Just because you have extensive expertise in your field doesn’t mean everyone in your target audience will be equally versed in your technical lingo. To engage the reader you must use language that can be understood by a broad audience. Instead of equations, try analogies or simple anecdotes that help explain more complex ideas in layman terms.

Get to the Point Already

An informative article doesn’t have to be a long one. Once you capture your readers’ attention, it’s important to get the point before you lose them. Don’t let your article get bogged down in background information and side notes. Tell them what you want to tell them at the beginning.

Taking a fresh approach and being concise will do wonders in helping the content you create be entertaining as it communicates your objective.