Tips For a Successful Book Launch

Tips For a Successful Book Launch

Your book has been written and you’re holding the final copy in your hands. If you think the fun is over, think again. Getting your book off the ground and into the hands of readers is the next and most important step in writing a book. Having a successful book launch will be crucial if you don’t want to end up in the discount bin at the drug store.

Notify the Media

When it comes to book launches, the media is going to be your best friend in terms of spreading the word. Begin small by notifying your local news stations and radio. Most times you can get a five or ten minute spot on the local morning shows to promote your book. Create a press kit that you can send to all the local news outlets, including newspapers. This is the time to sell yourself as well as your book.

If your book has local connections (perhaps you interviewed area experts or set your story in a nearby town), make sure this information is part of the press kit that you send out. Likewise, book launch parties are extremely effective for promoting a book. Media, public relations and potential book promotion partners are all likely to attend these events.

Build a Website

If you don’t already have an online face for your book, you need to begin setting that up now. You’ll want to provide the premise of the book, possibly a sample chapter or portion (this is a teaser for potential buyers), and the cost, title and when the book is to be released. Direct people to a page or site where they can pre-order the book before it’s released.

If you’ve released the book to a handful of critics, be sure to include their positive reviews on the site as well. Above all, people like to know about the author so be sure to include a page about yourself; commonly called an “author’s page.”

Find Reviewers

Today is the digital age and everyone has an opinion so why not let them put it to use. There are book reviewers who maintain their own websites and are always looking for books to review. This can bring you some excellent press if your book is well received by them. To ensure that your book receives a favorable review, market to those reviewers who would be interested in the topic or type of book you’ve written.

Social networking sites, forums, book clubs, and bookstores are all excellent places to get the word out about your book before its release. If you organize your book launch and use a variety of tools to promote your book, you can be highly effective and successful.