Breast Size – Is Bigger Really Better?

Breast Size - Is Bigger Really Better?

Breast size is a hot topic these days. It seems like everyone is getting some sort of breast enhancement done. Friends, family, celebrities – you name it. But is bigger really better? Let’s take a closer look.

If you were born on the small side (A or B cup) you are most likely pretty passionate about this. At some point or another you probably witnessed some sort of favoritism toward the larger breasted women. But don’t fret, there are advantages to having smaller breasts.

The advantages of smaller breast size include things like perkiness, less potential for sagging, and less potential back problems. Not to mention the fact that they are cumbersome. I have a friend who is large busted and she is always complaining they’re getting in the way. And forget about running! She’s bouncing all over the place.

The up side to having larger breasts is obvious- attention, attention and more attention. Guys seem to be drooling of the bigger breasted women constantly. It doesn’t matter where you are. Find a large-chested woman and then scope out the men in the area. Your guaranteed to find at least two or three guys checking her out.

So which is better? It really is up to the individual and what they are seeking. If you want bigger breasts there are options. Some great and some not so great. Your choices include implants, padded bras and natural breast enhancement. Implants are dangerous and expensive. While padded bras are great, they only work as long as you’re wearing them.

As far as natural enhancement (making them grow), you have a few more options. There are massages you can do and foods you can eat that will increase breast size. One of the fastest methods however is breast enhancement pills. They’re safe, effective and cost a fraction of what implants do.