6 Techniques For Performing Liposuction

6 Techniques For Performing Liposuction

Like everything in life these days, there’s a lot of choices involved, and ultimately you need to be the authority on which choice best suits you. For those thinking of getting liposuction, your doctor should have the experience, knowledge, and skill to know which method of liposuction addresses your need. Nevertheless, it’s best to understand those techniques beforehand. One thing all methods share is that the fat is removed with a cannula, a vacuum-like tube inserted through incisions directly into the body which literally sucks the fat away. In order to accomplish, a variety of techniques have evolved. Here we take a quick look at 6 of those techniques.

* Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent is likely the most common method used currently. In this procedure, a local anesthetic and a vasoconstricter is injected by the doctor directly into patients body – specifically, directly into the fat that is to be removed. This fluid (quite a large amount of it) then creates a space in between the body fat and the muscle, which is important, because this is where the cannula (tool for sucking fat out) is going to be moving through!

* Dry Liposuction

This is an outdated method rarely used these day. It does not use any fluid at all, which makes me grimace as I type this.

* Wet Liposuction

Wet Liposuction is similar to the Tumescent technique; fluid is injected into the area where the fat is to be removed. It contains a local anesthetic and epinephrine, which results in limited bleeding. Additionally, a salt solution is injected as well which helps lessen any bruising and also loosens up the fat cells.

* Super Wet Liposuction

Super Wet Liposuction, the amount of fluid injected into the body is roughly the same as the amount of fat the doctor will take out. This technique is especially common for high-volume (i.e. lots of fat) treatments. It typically requires either complete anesthesia or sedation by IV.

* Ultrasonic (UAL) Liposuction

This technique uses a custom made cannula which actually sends out ultrasound vibration through the body! These ultrasound vibrations break up the fat cells, turning them to liquid, and thus, making it easier for the doctor to simply suck the fat out, which at this point, the procedure reverts back to a normal cannula to suck the fat away. Ultrasonic Liposuction is the preferred technique on the upper back and the male breast. Earlier Ultrasonic methods were riddled with overexposure to ultrasound vibrations to the patient. Improvements in technology have made this a trivial concern.

* Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

Power Assisted Liposuction involves another custom-made cannula. This time, the cannula is configured with a mechanism to assist which means the doctor doesn’t manually remove so much fat, it has some help from this special type of cannula.

No matter which technique is used, be sure you feel it’s a decision reached between you and your doctor for the best liposuction results possible, unique to your body.