How to Get Government Grants For Women

How to Get Government Grants For Women

Did you know that of the $150 billion dollars that’s available each year through Government Grant programs, over $25 billion is for Women Only? These grant programs include Business Grants,  College and Education Grants as well as Grants for Women Entrepreneurs to start new businesses and organizations.

Who Qualifies For U.S. Government Grants?

The only qualification for most  Grants is that you simply be a citizen of the United States (and, in some cases, you only need have resident status). If you meet this simple standard, you are eligible to receive free grants.

Why Are There Women Only Grants?

It has been statistically proven that women are more likely to:

  • Earn College Degrees
  • Establish Non Profit Organizations
  • Start Successful Businesses

Because these things are powerful drivers of the U.S. economy, federal grants for women only have become an important part of both the government run and private grant organizations. Female business owners in fact make up nearly 42% of all grant applicants with small business grants being the most applied for programs. The second largest group is education grants.

Another reason why these woman only programs exist is that despite the above statistics, women are still greatly underserved and under represented in our society.  Grant assistance helps them to level the playing field and gain many advantages when it comes to establishing businesses or getting advanced degrees.

The Impact of Successful Women

Because these programs have helped many women achieve success, they have gone on to establish their own programs. Such high profile celebrities as Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart have established financial assistance programs to help them achieve their goals. Many successful female business owners have done the same.

How To Apply For Women’s Grants?

There are two ways essentially:

The Hard Way: Try to actually use the free Government Information and Websites. To many, it seems that these sites are purposely setup so that you are not able to effectively use them to get grants. Vague and missing information is a big problem. It’s no wonder that 80% of all grant money for women’s pursuits goes unclaimed each year.

The Easy Way: Use a free grant kit and the software they provide. These software packages allow you to search and compile a list of all grants that you can then apply for by using premade templates. Many of these companies also have grant experts on staff to help you at each step of the process.

These kits can reduce the time it takes to get women’s grants by as much as 75% or more. And when dealing with something such as the grant process, it is important to get every advantage you can.