Problems With Acne Scars?

Problems With Acne Scars?

The scars that you get from acne can become a double punishment for you. First of all you deal with the pimples and when they are cured, you are left with the marks. Mild acne which refers to whiteheads and blackheads may not leave scars behind, if you have treated them soon after they appeared. But the severe forms of acne can give you serious scarring, because there are nodules which can leave permanent scars.

Of course it is best to consult a dermatologist to get the proper treatment for acne and also for the scars. For the milder form of acne, there are reddish or brownish acne marks which finally fade after the pimple, even without a treatment. You should never pick or squeeze acne, as it increases the risk for scarring.

There are various kinds of treatment suggested by doctors for the severe scars. A chemical peel is a mild treatment to improve the scarred areas. Another form of treatment is laser resurfacing, which can only be done by a dermatologist as well. With laser the damaged top layer of skin is removed and the middle layer is tightened. It takes about 10 days for the skin to heal completely.

Dermabrasion is a form of abrasion used on the skin with a fine brush which helps to wear down the surface of the skin. The skin heals slowly and a new and smoother layer replaces the abraded skin. But the most modern method is the fractional laser therapy which works deeper than laser resurfacing and dermabrasion. Healing time is much shorter, but the treatment is quite expensive.

It is important to remember that your acne scars should not be covered with masks or fancy lotions, as they will not help in reducing the scars in any way, but also irritate the skin. On the contrary the scars may become red and will stand out even more.

There are some excellent skin cleansing products in the market, but before you use any of them you should check out the quality of the ingredients and safety record. Several companies have deep facial and body washes, herbal supplements and protections creams for both the face and the body. The washes contain alcohol and salicylic acid solutions, and this helps to open the pores and cleanse the skin of the dirt and bacteria. Intake of a herbal supplement on the other hand will help to fight bacteria from the inside.

Take care of your skin in the best possible way by maintaining a proper diet, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, exercising and keeping your skin healthy by avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol.