What is the Best Mens Facial Cleanser For Soothing Irritated Skin?

What is the Best Men's Facial Cleanser For Soothing Irritated Skin?

Have you ever imagined that skin care products for men would be one of the fastest growing markets in the country? The fact is, more and more men are realizing that skincare isn’t about cosmetics…it’s about health.

In addition to eating right and exercising, men understand that taking care of their skin plays a vital role in looking and feeling their best. Clean skin is the starting point for any healthy skin care program…female or male.

While men’s facial cleanser is widely available, you should know that some are better than others. And I’m not referring to price.

The key to finding the best skin care products, including men’s facial cleanser, is to make sure they contain high concentrations of natural, bio-active ingredients. The “natural” basis of these ingredients is vital to interacting with the molecular makeup of your skin.

In the past men used harsh bar soaps to make sure their skin was “squeaky clean.” That squeaky clean condition was the result of all their natural oils being stripped out. The dryness and irritation that this caused was, more than likely, remedied with a thick lotion or cream made up of heavy, petroleum-based oils that clog the pores and don’t allow the skin to breathe.

Today, the goal of any skin care product should be to support the underlying structure of your skin. This structure is made up of two important proteins, elastin and collagen.

Healthy skin is capable of manufacturing high levels of these substances. This translates into smooth, firm skin that reflects an even tone and youthful texture. So what does that have to do with natural ingredients?

Think of these bio-active substances as healing therapy for your skin cells. When you use men’s facial cleanser that contains ingredients like Kaolin (an extract of a special New Zealand clay) or bentone gel, the dirt and grime on your face is gently pulled out and replaced with non-greasy, natural emollients and oils like active Manuka honey and shea butter.

These highly effective natural substances enter the skin cell where they hydrate, nourish and stimulate healthy skin cell function – producing healthy levels of collagen and elastin.

But the therapy doesn’t stop there. When you use a men’s facial cleanser that contains Kaolin and bentone gel, inflamed and irritated skin is soothed and healed by the mild drying and disinfecting properties contained in these substances. Men who suffer from irritated skin as a result of shaving know the value of having an effective treatment for this uncomfortable skin condition.

Of course, healthy male skin care goes beyond just cleansing the face. However, with any male skin care product, such as men’s facial cleanser, you will always get the healthiest results if you stick to products that have been clinically developed and tested for the best, nature-based ingredients.

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