60 Minutes – Dr OZ Cuts to the Chase on the Best Resveratrol Tabs on the Market

60 Minutes - Dr OZ Cuts to the Chase on the Best Resveratrol Tabs on the Market

There must be some reason why some Resveratrol supplements as viewed on 60 Minutes are better than others.

In case you’re not familiar with Resveratrol, this is the new anti-aging tab which Dr OZ reported on, on the Oprah Show recently regarding the age old question of:

“What’s the secret to the fountain of youth?”

Found in the root of the Knotweed and the skin of the Muscadine grape is a polyphenol extremely high in anti-oxidants that when consumed daily dietitians have observed, cleanses your arteries and increases your longevity.

This was found to be true of both communities of Okinawa and Sardinia who have some of the largest populations of centenarians in the world.

What Dr OZ and dietitians alike agree on are that by consuming between 20mg to 50mg of “pure” resv as both these communities do, you will be greatly increasing your chances of extending your life and reducing many risks of heart related illnesses in the future, as well as adding immense vitality to your skin.

What you should avoid however, watchdog organizations warn, are supplement pills which contain less than the advised daily volume of “pure”resv.

Some resv tabs which claim to offer 200mg of resv per capsule but in fact, when the products arrive, the labeling may state there is just 8% of “pure” resv in each capsule, therefor just 16mg per tab.

The customer is obviously misinformed here, as most people go for these products because of exactly the “high” resv count advertised on their website, plus you may end up paying almost $18 ($16.98 + $0.98 shipping) which makes these some of the more expensive resv products on the market.

There are however a number of alternatives, which 60 minutes reported on and which Dr OZ touched on as an alternative to popping a tab. Available in grape flavor with 150mg of “pure” resv per capsule, this is one alternative to cleansing your arteries and replenishing your skin at a fractions of the cost.