How to Obtain a Big Penis!

How to Obtain a Big Penis!

I am sure if you are like most men you must of have thought of how to get a big penis at one time in your life. You might be of the mindset that since your manhood is not a muscle then it must seem impossible to exercise your penis as you would for your biceps and triceps. So you might wonder how exactly a man can get a bigger penis.

If you do a search on you will hundreds if not thousands of blogs and website that are devoted to natural penis enlargement. That is where the headache lies for most men which is finding out the genuine website from the vast number of natural penis enlargement scam websites on the Internet.

First of all you should have one thing in mind there is no pill that can automatically transform your small or average penile size into a big penis. There are so many fraudulent guys selling harmful and dangerous pills on the Internet. Save your money these pills do not work at least when it comes to giving you a bigger penis they do not work! These herbal pills might increase blood flow to your genitals, increase your sex drive and give you stronger erections but they cannot give you a bigger penis when used alone!

Like I said previously no herbal pill can give you a big penis. Another popular option is surgery, which is very risky. Asides the risks, the long term results are not good. What this means is that you would risk having your genitals permanently damaged after spending thousands of dollars on surgery and you see little or no Increase in your penile size.

One other method penis enlargement that is usually advertised in erotic magazines is pumps. Pumps cannot give you a bigger penis permanently and they can be very dangerous. When used wrongly they can damage blood vessels in the penis.

Asides the risk of damaging blood vessels, using pumps for a period of time would make you dependent on them to achieve an erection can you imagine excusing yourself when you are fondling with your lover to go and pump your manhood? I guess that sounds annoying! Also when using pumps there is the risk of having your testicles sucked into the glass cylinder if it is far wider than your manhood. This can be very painful!

By now you must be wondering how exactly you are going to get a big penis, ever heard of natural penis enlargement exercises? Sure you have heard of them! But do you know that they actually work? Using these exercises for a period of time would not only give you a bigger penis but a stronger one also.