Who Makes the Best Resveratrol? Dr Oz Reviews the Latest Rezveratrol Tab

Who Makes the Best Resveratrol? Dr Oz Reviews the Latest Rezveratrol Tab

Recently on the Oprah show and on CNN, Dr OZ and Dr Sanjay Gupta attempted to reveal who in fact makes the best resveratrol products and deliver on their word.

In case your are not familiar with Resv as it’s alternatively known, resveratrol is a polyphenol, a natural anti-oxidant that grows in the roots and skin of certain plants, a fungi if you like which helps protect the plant from bacteria.

If however, consumed on a daily basis, doctors now agree that it acts as a natural artery cleanser, scrubbing the arteries and subsequently replenishing your skin.

Low concentration Resv products:

There are a few not so great resveratrol products currently selling on the market.

It’s not so much that they are bad products yet they just fail to live up to their word.

There product pages state that each capsule of which there are 60 per container, contain 200mg of natural Resv.

However, not until you receive you your product do you discover that it in fact they only contains 16mg of resveratrol.

See here on the packaging label:

* Resveratrols (from 200mg Polygonum cuspidatum, 8% total resveratrols) 16mg

* Grape seed extract (Vitis vinifera) (95% polyphenols) 50mg

* Grape skin extract (Ancellota lambrusco) (95% polyphenols) 100mg

* Green tea extract (Camellia sinensis) (45% polyphenols) 200mg

As it states only 8% of the product contains this natural anti-oxidant plus it uses the term “resveratrols” – plural. This is somewhat confusing and incorrect as resv is a single compound so there is no such thing as “resveratrols”.

People who buy Resv online are looking to see which product has the highest concentration of “pure resv”, so to pay almost $18 ($16.98 %2B $0.98 shipping) to discover that the resv volume is far lower than it reports is somewhat misleading.

Doctors agree that for resveratrol to really “pack a punch”, consumption should consist of between 20mg to 50mg of pure resv per tab.

High concentration Resv products:

However, there are a few brands which for less than $5 you just pay for shipping with a 90 day refund policy, plus the pure resveratrol volume is far greater than 30mg per capsule, and in fact some tabs even contain volumes of “pure” Rezv as high as 150mg per capsule.