5 Basic Things You Need For List Building Success

5 Basic Things You Need For List Building Success

Everyone will tell you when it comes to Internet Marketing that “the money is in the list”. Then they tell you to build a list. But there are always unanswered questions about list building for those who are new.

Where do I get a sales page? Where do I get a squeeze page? Or there is a concern that somehow it is a mysterious, magical, or even mythical endeavor to create these items.

I am here to tell you otherwise.

You need 5 basic things with which to build a list of subscribers, here they are:

1) Someplace to post a squeeze or lead capture page. While this should be at your

own domain, it does not have to be. Get a free hosting account to start with if you have too, once you get more subscribers and make money you can get your own domain.

2) Get an auto-responder service. This will make the process so much easier to manage. The auto-responder software will even help you build the section for your lead capture page where people enter their information.

3) Basic lead capture page. The page users land on where they will enter their name and email. It does not have to be pretty, but does have to be functional. Some of the best pages have a simple text blurb about the product and fields to get more information. Keep it simple, basic html, and copy and paste the capture part in from your auto-responder.

4) You should have a product or service. This product or service could be a book, audio, or video and should be relevant to your topic. You do not even have to be the author of the product. Many beginners feel they have nothing of value to give, but there are tons of things that can be provided as an incentive.

5) Traffic to your page. The simple truth to list building is that you need traffic to your pages before you can get a customer to subscribe to your material. You cannot just build the page and hope to gain a loyal following overnight. You will need to get peoples eyes to see your page