Email List Management – 5 Email List Marketing Tips

Email List Management - 5 Email List Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a very useful and powerful online tool that is used widely nowadays. It is a very tricky matter since it can be easily abused. It may seem easy to do, but in reality it is difficult, especially if you don’t know where you should start. Here are 5 easy tips that you can apply in your email marketing campaign.

1. Know your subscribers as individuals.


Email marketing is most effective and works best as one-to-one marketing. The idea is to start a dialogue with your customers through email messages focused on their individual needs and interests, what products they already have purchased, other related products that you’re offering that can benefit them through cross-selling, and their budget. In order for you to start this dialogue with your customers, it requires you to know a lot about them. One way for you to find out is by tracking and analyzing their behavior and by asking them. Looking at what people actually do is the more reliable method to finding out what they think and want and pretty soon, this will be the only marketing  that will wo

2. Personalize.

One effective way for your email to be noticed by the recipient is by addressing it with their first name. People are getting lots of emails per day and the chances of your email being opened and read can be pretty slim. If you address your recipients with their names, it adds that personal touch, giving it a better chance of being opened. It makes your recipients feel more important when you greet them with your personalized marketing email. Typically, you should address them with their first name only, but for some email campaigns it is more appropriate to use the last name. One of the most crucial aspects of personalized marketing is by responding to individual requests. If you get an email from your customer, it means that they have investigated and are interested in what you have to offer and if you fail to reply promptly, not only will you miss the opportunity, you will probably also lose a customer forever. It is important that you make it your top priority to reply to all of your incoming emails within the next 24 hours.

3. Know your subscribers as individuals.

Avoid sending your emails during holidays because people tend to be away from their computers. The most likely scenario is when they come back to their computer they will get your message along with a ton of other emails and chances are they will delete all other emails but the ones that are most important to them. It is important that you should know the right timing for you to send out your emails. This is the main reason you shouldn’t start any email campaigns during December, January, July and August. If you want your email to be read at work, you should send it in the middle of the week and if you want your email to be read at home, you should send it during weekends.

4. Make purchasing easy at the landing page.

It is important that you design a special landing page for every message you send out to your customers. Getting the recipients there takes a lot of effort from your end.  So at this point, you need to make sure that you don’t strand them by dumping them to a page that has no clear process. See to it that you make it easy at the landing page for your customers. If you already have the customers’ info like their name, address and credit card number you can perhaps pre-fill the form out for them.

 5. Be brave.

When you create and design an email campaign, there are a lot of things to keep in mind and every single one of them has its own value. If your email message goes through a lot of mail filters, it may end up in the recipient’s inbox as another boring email that is quickly disregarded and dragged to the trash folder. It pays to be brave and creative in your email campaign and it may be worth the risk of losing some people on your list if it results in a more effective email campaign, overall.

Keep these tips in mind in order for you to be able to launch a more effective email marketing campaign.