Audio Product Creation – Discover Secrets to Explode Your Audio Product Creation

Audio Product Creation - Discover Secrets to Explode Your Audio Product Creation

A study done at UCLA in 1976 revealed information about the way people prefer to process information. It was discovered that about 7% of the way we prefer to process information is done by reading. And, we prefer to process information about 38% of the time by hearing. That leaves a whopping 55% of our processing preferences to video. So, as a creator of information products, pepole naturally prefer to hear and visually see information described and demonstrated and only prefer the written word as a way to learn the smallest percentage of the time. This is good news for those who are ready to create audio products. Move through this brief article to discover secrets to explode your audio product creation.

o Remember to use facts. Your niche relies on your content being truthful. You can never afford to make stuff up that doesn’t work. Your niche will appreciate you most by informing them accurately instead of misleading or misinforming them just to get attention. To make sure you provide the most accurate information, verify your data by consulting reputable resources before you quote new sources in your content. Avoid interpreting facts for your readers. Let them come to their own conclusions. As necessary for confirmation of astounding claims, back up those claims with sound proof which can include research, testimonials, and case studies.

o Stick with what’s familiar to you. You can take a lot of time researching and creating audio products about barely known topics. Remember, your listeners expect you to be knowledgeable in your niche. They come to you as a credible reference. So, be the expert and show it in your audio products. Talk about your real experiences in your CD programs, MP3 recordings and in your life seminars. Your listeners will appreciate it and your rapport will be steady and help your students feel secure you are the “go to” person for your niche.

o Stop procrastinating. Begin creating products by consciously choosing to write material and record it. Turn off the TV, the radio, music in the background or any other distractions. If you feel hesitant to create, ask yourself the reasons. Write them out on paper. If something in your mind is confusing or misleading you to inaction, uncover it on paper. Write out a plan to dissolve the causes of your fearful or worried feelings about writing. Once your mental hurdles are cleared, you can get to creating your audio products.

o Create audio products in simple terms an 8th grader could understand. When you create a simple-to-understand audio product, you will naturally attract people interested in the topics you share. So, keep things simple and your audience will really appreciate easy learning strategies from you.

o Give homework to your students and require them to fully complete it. You are asking them to apply your concepts and techniques to their individual situations. For them to develop expertise, competency and confidence, that takes practice. Successfully completing homework assignments, they get practical experience applying your success concepts.