Access to SaleHoo Wholesale Dropshipping Directory – Is it Too Expensive?

Access to SaleHoo Wholesale Dropshipping Directory - Is it Too Expensive?

Experienced and growing retail sellers, particularly on eBay, are using the SaleHoo Directory of Wholesale Dropshipping Companies. At almost $70, membership for access to this directory is certainly not cheap! In fact, it is possible to buy a list of 5,000 companies for only $5. However, I am certain that the five-dollar list include retailers, wholesale companies who are not willing to dropship, and perhaps even a number of bogus companies. Unfortunately, new sellers who often fall for this scam only realize the low quality of the list once they already require drop shipping services. They either spend countless hours calling every company on the list to find some that they can use or end up paying more to immediately access a better quality list.

SaleHoo may be a bit more expensive but forum comments and reviews agree that the directory provides value for money. That is, if the retailer maximizes the benefits it offers. Listed below are some ways to do this:

1. Utilize their massive database! Mostly, SaleHoo users appreciate the extensive directory with over 8,500 drop ship companies listed for various types of merchandise. This implies that the retailer has as much variety of products that can be sold online without the usual inventory and storage costs. The site also has special search functions that can be used to narrow down the list of verified suppliers for specific products or specific locations. This makes it easier for one-product retailers to search for potential wholesale drop shipping companies to deliver goods that they have already sold online.

2. Ask their expert staff! Most of the staff are expert sellers from eBay. Their tips on how to develop or expand sales are invaluable yet readily available. The technical assistance that is provided is part and parcel of the cost of membership that a retailer pays for.

3. Participate in their business forums! SaleHoo also organizes online forums for various industries so that stakeholders or market players in specific industries are able to interact, share valuable experiences and network.

For serious business owners who want to expand their operations, SaleHoo provides every opportunity to learn and increase profit margins. Considering the various benefits that comprise the $70-membership, it does not seem to be too expensive, after all.