Business Success Mindset – Personal Integrity Principle

Business Success Mindset - Personal Integrity Principle

Business Success doesn’t just happen. It begins with a person who has a thought or an idea… I need to stop right there……..There is a lot more, however the person has to be special if the business is to succeed and make their life and the world a better place.  

A special internal mindset of certain internal core beliefs, values and principles is important before anything else… Or a person must be willing to learn and develop this mindset quickly. Without this business success mindset, much or all of the effort and actions will be in vain… or perhaps yield a limited result with undue stress, anxiety, worry, and results.


Personal integrity is the core value.   The business owner or owners must have personal integrity that they cultivate into their business, customers and clients and others.


What is integrity? personal and business?

Personal integrity is the foundation required for business success in the long term. It’s impossible to have business integrity without personal integrity. It’s possible to have a perceived and limited short term success without personal integrity…But beware, as all the bricks will tumble hard and quickly when people lose trust and faith, are mistreated, scammed…


Personal integrity is your personal code of conduct for yourself and your business that you follow no matter what. It is your policies of right and wrong for yourself as well as for operating your business.   This code of conduct applies to you, employees and all segments of the business.


Integrity is the key to success because the methods for everyone to follow is open and honest, respectful of employees, vendors, customers and everyone you come in contact with. It is a design for winning, for succeeding… that’s the result you can expect when applied consistently on a daily basis.


Benefits of Living with Personal Integrity and Business Integrity

There are too many benefits to discuss here, so I will share some of those that impacted me the most…. and those I feel most strongly about because I believe they have a massive impact for good of individuals, businesses and everything in the world.


1. I sleep at night like a lamb because I feel satisfied, fulfilled, with no worry about keeping my stories straight because they are factual. I have no regrets because I’ve done the best I could sticking to what is right or wrong and following through on those principles. 


The feeling of peace and freedom is truly a blessing.  I share a general story with great humbleness, and with great pride. Why? Because when involved in these circumstances, I was rejected, ridiculed, told I was incompetent, and much more….


My business as a CPA and business consultant involved a lot of detail, facts, circumstances, laws and regulations, and much competition from other similar businesses.   There is no way I could keep the truth and stories in perspective using imagined or unreal circumstances.   Actually, I don’t think anyone can… that’s why once started, the untruths, the made-up stories grow…impossible to remember details that did not happen.


It is possible to take the high road of providing real value and services with honesty and integrity, make a profit, and feel good in your heart and soul, feel worthy, confident and happy.  You can do this too.


2.  Operating with integrity and from a place of truth opens up other people to respond with more openness, honesty and truth, some right now and others in the long term.   Thus we develop a path and example of integrity, benefits and good for individuals, society, business, and the world.  

Mistrust leads to more mistrust, to dishonest actions by everyone, and finally to disaster and bad things.   Let’s not go there. 


3. When all is open and in truth, it’s easier to accept responsibility for the mistakes we make and move forward always trying to improve.


4. No matter what criticism or rejection is imposed upon you, your inner peace remains because you know what you do is fair, honest, with integrity. 


5. I believe more and more people are looking today to re-instate honesty and integrity into their entire lives, into their business, into government and all that impacts them.


That gives every one of us the opportunity to take advantage of that societal stage that will benefit the world, society and us as individuals.


Personal integrity and business integrity starts with the individual person, you and I.   I encourage you to embrace those principles so we increase in numbers to be the majority in our community, state, nation and world.