Business on Both Sides of Your Brain

Business on Both Sides of Your Brain

We all have two modes of thinking, which are located in the left and right part of our brains. The left part of your brain likes logic and facts. When the left part of your brain is in charge, you are aware of time, can do mathematics, like details, and like everything to be orderly and predictable. When the right part of your brain is in charge, you see possibilities, make connections, prefer pictures and stories, and are willing to take risks. Here are some of the characteristics associated with each side of your brain:

Left Brain

  • Logical
  • Sequential
  • Analyzes
  • Measures
  • Numbers
  • Likes Facts

Right Brain

  • Intuitive
  • Random
  • Recognizes Patterns
  • Dreams
  • People
  • Likes Pictures, Stories

Many of us learned to rely on our left brain thinking in school. We were rewarded for meeting certain standards. Reading and writing, science and mathematics were all important subjects. We were taught the “right way” to do things and measured against predefined levels of achievement.

Right brain thinking is much more individual and unpredictable. Creativity is hard to control and impossible to measure. In school it was often ignored or relegated to an optional art class.

Successful business needs both kinds of thinking. A business full of right-brain thinking will have lots of fresh ideas and the passion to make new connections and grow. A business full of left-brain thinkers will analyze and measure to keep itself under control. You need all of these things to be successful.

The right-brained part of your team will help you develop ideas, services, products that make you unique and successful in the marketplace. This is where you big picture thinking happens. People who rely more strongly on right brain thinking also recognize patterns and can handle the complexity of working with people issues. Their ability to make connections helps them develop strong relationships. Right-brained people are forever optimistic because they see possibilities instead of risk.

The left-brained part of your team will keep you grounded. These people like order and efficiency. People who rely more strongly on the left brain like facts and numbers. They like to document routines and processes that they can measure. They want a stable world that can be easily controlled.

You don’t have to do it all yourself! The good news is that you don’t have to do everything yourself. Even as a solopreneur, you can build a team of associates and advisors that includes right-brain and left-brain thinkers. Managing the different viewpoints may be a challenge at times, but it will be well worth it. Your business will thrive when you use both sides of your brain!