How Can Satellite Internet Help You?

How Can Satellite Internet Help You?

Many people remember when the Internet was first starting to emerge and the slow steps that it took to connect people to the World Wide Web. It wasn’t very long ago that the only way to get on the Internet was with a 20kbps dialup modem. These old modems were horribly slow and even checking out your favorite websites or logging onto your email were tasks that took a long time. The younger generations surfing the web today can’t begin to fathom the time that it took to look at a single picture online.

The Internet, and the manner in which people connect to it, has evolved rapidly in the past ten to fifteen years. As websites became more and more graphic intensive, there needed to be ways to get on and get all of this information more quickly. Broadband and DSL began, giving customers a way to go online and get the information they wanted at much quicker speeds.

Of course, even these technologies have their limits – and their limits are quite great indeed. Customers who live in rural communities, places where the cable company has neglected to service because of the cost involved, can’t get that fast cable broadband that their city dwelling brethren may have. In fact, many rural customers still have dialup connections and have to wait to do something as simple as checking their email.

Fortunately, satellite Internet was developed. Satellite Internet has all of the wonderful things that broadband cable access offers and it has the added benefit of being available anywhere. These satellites can offer coverage to 99% of the United States. Even if you live on the side of a mountain and are a hundred miles from the nearest city, you can have the luxury of high speed Internet.

The speed of the Internet with satellite is remarkable. With a 56k dialup connection, it can take as long as an hour to download a 25mb software update. With a high speed connection via satellite, you can get that same update in about a minute. Imagine trying to download a movie from iTunes. With dialup, you could be waiting for days to get that movie!

The technology used with the satellites is compatible with PCs and Macs, so you don’t have to worry about the type of computer you are using. The only differences you will see are increased speed, better connectivity, and a good price for the service you are getting.

If you happen to run a business and are in a rural area, you will really appreciate all that satellite Internet has to offer. Every aspect of your business that is conducted online will be much faster, making your business more efficient.

The cost of satellite Internet is another huge plus in its column. Considering just how much faster the Internet is, and the fact that it is available all the time without having to wait for a dialup modem to connect, it is well worth the price.