Reverse Cell Phone Lookups – A Quick and Easy Method

Reverse Cell Phone Lookups - A Quick and Easy Method

We’ve all been there before, when you see a number either on your phone or your phone bill and don’t know who the number belongs to.  It used to be impossible to find out who it was, but no more.  Now there’s an easy way to know for sure who that number belongs to. 

What it is

It’s called a reverse cell phone lookup, and allows you to find out the owners name, address, service provider, and status of the phone itself. 

How it works

It used to be that the cell phone providers owned the phone numbers, and didn’t give out the information.  It was when people started porting their numbers that it became a matter of public record.  Now it’s like any other public document that’s accessible to anyone.

Who needs it

Anyone with a phone has needed this at some point.  It doesn’t matter if you want to know who’s calling your spouse, kids, or employees, there will be a time that you really need to know who that number belongs to.  That’s where this service comes in.  You better believe that when I saw an unknown number calling my kids phone I checked it out.  Fortunately it was just a friend, but I needed to know, and know right now.

Can’t I just Google it?

Well, you can – if you want inaccurate information.  The problem with Google and other search engines is they have no way to know if the information is accurate, they’re just showing you numbers from forms filled in on the internet.  Just like when you do any other search and get millions of unrelated results, the same is true with phone numbers. 

What can I do?

That’s the easy part – just click the link in my signature below to be taken to a site that allows you to do a reverse cell phone lookup.  You’ll have your results in about 60 seconds.  Yes, they do charge a small fee, but the accuracy of the info as well as knowing for certain is well worth the couple bucks they charge.