Flea Prevetion – Common Cat Flea

Flea Prevetion - Common Cat Flea

If you have ever had any contact with a flea, you know that they are an ugly pest and of a great annoyance to you and your pet.

A single female flea can lay up to 400 eggs in its life time. And can start laying eggs two days after becoming mature.

We will cover daily, weekly and monthly steps to prevent fleas from ever taking over your home. Though there is really no way to guarantee you will never see a flea. If you fallow some simple steps to prevention you can nip an infiltration in the butt. Your dog will love you for it. Only 20% of a flea’s life cycle is that of an adult. That being said the #1 flea prevention tool is the vacuum.

Vacuuming common pet areas not only keeps the pet hair problem under control, it is the best way to catch the flea in its most vulnerable state. (egg,larva,pupa )

In the first thee stages of a fleas life it can’t use its amazingly powerful legs to jump away from you.

The female flea prefers to lay its eggs on its host. Heat, shelter and a food source. Make your pet a prim place to breed fleas. But if need be the female flea will lay its eggs in carpets, bedding and cushions. Any where warm and away from light. A good vacuum will catch the flea in the first 80% of its life)Once a week, laundry day should be a part of your flea prevention schedule. By washing your dogs bedding once a week. You are able to get the rest of the possible egg,lava or pupa stages of the flea. Remember that is 80% of the life cycle of the flea.

Laundry day should also include giving old Spot a-good-scrubbin! Yes I know many of you my think that’s not enough or its too much. Use your judgment. Some dogs skin can be too sensitive to give a bath to every week. Not to mention if you don’t wash your own dog. It can get rather expensive to take your dog to the groomers every week. Flea dips are great if you have a know flea problem. The medication in the flea dip will take care of the rest of the egg,lava,pupa and adult flea. Remember this is not the cure all. No matter how clean your dog is. If he or she’s environment is not free of these pesky little devils, You will start all over again as soon as Spot lays he’s head down on that soft pillow.

What I have found to be the most reliable in preventing fleas, is a monthly medication.