Secrets to Parrot Tricks

Secrets to Parrot Tricks

Household pets like parrots are quite intelligent and talkative by nature and they are adept in picking up parrot tricks which can be taught to them with little patience and effort. The best way to impart training skills to your parrot is to give simple lessons using a step-by-step procedure. Besides, providing fun and entertainment, it can also help you to understand their behavior pattern and comfort level.

If they have to be taught some parrot tricks, then it is important for them to get familiar with the environment and feel secure otherwise, they can get cranky at times. Most of the species of parrots are sensitive and delicate by nature and they may take time to respond to the training, which is imparted to them. It is always a good idea to begin with simple and easy tricks, which can be learnt by the parrots that they are most likely to enjoy. Once you are able to gauge its reaction and understand its personality traits, you can slowly introduce different kinds of tricks.

Most of the parrots possess a high level of intelligence and have good communication abilities so it is not difficult to teach them new parrots tricks. Depending on their inherent nature, they may take sometime to learn and master the skills which are taught to them. At times, they may even forget the lessons imparted to them in the previous sessions, which may lead to frustration on the part of pet owners. However, these temporary phases of setbacks are likely to occur and the pet owners must learn to handle them with great deal of patience and dedication.

You can teach your incredible parrot tricks in the beginning of the session which may include training to sit on your finger. These pets can learn parrot trick easily when they are more at ease in their environment and also when treated with lot of love and affection. You can talk to the pet gently and engage him in new activities by introducing a stick into the cage, which can be held in a crosswise position by pressing it lightly against its body. By doing this regularly, your parrot can learn this quick trick very easily and once it has gained mastery over this skill, you can substitute the stick by using your finger.

Parrots are more likely to love parrot tricks like ring toss which can be easily taught to them in a few sessions. Most of the birds are accustomed to throwing things, which makes it very easy for them to learn this trick without much effort. Initially, you can teach them to throw small rings without aiming at any particular target and once your parrot picks up this trick, then slowly you can introduce ring toss over a short dowel, which can be fitted into the base in an inverted T shape.

You can also teach your parrot many of the vocal tricks, which may include responding to some of the favorite questions that are often asked by the visitors to depict the pet’s intelligence.