Clipping Your Pets Coat the Easy Way

Clipping Your Pet's Coat the Easy Way

Keeping your pet’s coat neat, trimmed and groomed, yourself, is easy when you have the right kind of tools.

There are several advantages to doing it yourself.  Of course, there is the money savings, but the savings on the wear and tear on your pet’s emotions is well worth it.  Being in familiar surroundings, with someone he knows, trusts and loves giving him special attention, can greatly strengthen your bond.

You want to make sure to give your pet a good brushing before you begin clipping. 

If he has never been exposed to the clippers before give him some time to get used to the buzzing sound of the tool.  Reassure your pet by gently petting him and speaking in a calm, soothing voice.  You can also try giving him a treat to reward him for staying calm. 

If clipping your pet’s coat is a new experience for you, be aware that there is an advantage to using clippers that have been specifically designed for use on animals. These tools are designed to be safe, fast and easy to use. This means you’ll be more accurate and less likely to make a mistake.

If and when the time comes that a visit to the groomer becomes necessary, your pet will experience much less stress since they have already become familiar with how these tools sound and feel.

When you’re shopping for clipper, keep in mind that all animal coats are not the are not the same.  Make sure you buy a tool that will work the best with the needs of your pet’s particular coat. 

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