Cannondale Cycling – Must Have Beginner Mountain Bike Skills!

Cannondale Cycling - Must Have Beginner Mountain Bike Skills!

Mountain biking is a thoroughly exciting sport that can be taken up by anyone who has the ability to ride a bike, however in comparison to normal road cycling it does present some extra thrills and dangers. As such, its important to master some basic skills before heading to the hills for the day.

  1. Get a good feel of the pedals: practice getting a good feel of where your pedals are when cycling. Release and replace your feet while on the move. If you use toe clips then this is all the more important!
  2. Practice cycling in different positions. Angle your back and your legs at various degrees to the handlebars and the bike frame. Adjust your seating position and try various postures for comfort.
  3. Change the gears regularly to find out what gears are best for the inclination. Obviously the higher the gear then the lesser the inclination you can cycle up. Practice changing up and down the gears to suit the gradient of the hill you are riding on.
  4. Spend some time coasting while standing on the pedals. Move your body forwards and also towards the rear of the bike to find your center of balance.
  5. Pedal while standing. Again, find your center of balance when you are standing on the pedals. Try this using all the gears and at various hill gradients to get a feel for it.

Once you get used to the basics, whether you have a new bike or you are just improving your skills you will then be able to hit the mountain trails and do some great Cannondale cycling with more confidence about your ability to handle the unexpected!