Quickly Correcting a Golf Slice

Quickly Correcting a Golf Slice

For the average golfer, there are a number of reasons why the golf scores never improve. One of the biggest reasons is the golf slice. Correcting a golf slice is something people try for years to overcome, yet most fail. Why is this? Is it because some don’t have the ability? Is it extremely difficult?

In reality, the problem is that the recreational golfer refuses to get help. Despite spending thousands of dollars on expensive golf clubs, balls and green fees, the golfer will go on slicing the ball for years.

Today that ends!

Quickest way to correct a golf slice

The quickest way to correct a golf slice is to watch your club face. First, take a wristwatch and put it on upside down, where the face of the watch is facing out on the underside of your wrist. Now when you swing, make sure that at all times, you can see the face of the watch. Usually a slicer will turn his wrist the wrong way. If your watch is facing the ground, your swing is off. At all times during the swing, you should be able to see the wrist watch.

Next, make sure that your right wrist is on top of your left wrist at the point of impact. If you are slicing, you probably aren’t rolling your right wrist over. This can feel extremely unnatural, but it is crucial. At the point of impact, your right wrist should be on top of your left, not vice versa. If you are rolling the right wrist over the left, than you can be sure that you are closing the face of your club.

How can I get more help?

There are two main ways you can get help in correcting a golf slice.

The first is by learning exactly what you’re doing wrong and correcting it. For instance, you may be gripping the club too tight, despite everything else being ok. You might find that with a simple adjustment in your grip, your slice problem goes away. So it might not take a major adjustment in your swing to correct the problem.

The second way to get help is by learning a whole new way of swinging your golf club.