Running Tips – Even More Ideas For Speed, Safety and Comfort

Running Tips - Even More Ideas For Speed, Safety and Comfort

Want to run faster while staying way more relaxed during your training sessions? Here are some running tips that will help you taking your running where you want it to be.

Before we start just take some time and decide what it is that you exactly want to get out of your running. Is it a fitness oriented goal? Or do you feel like competing with others and find out what’s really inside of you? Eventually your mind will become wide open for the information that is going to come and help you achieving that particular goal.

First: If you are a more fitness oriented runner looking to enter the world of competitive running or triathlons, you need to focus on two major aspects which reduced to their basics I would like to call: Order and Movement. You need to find reliable sources of great information regarding your training and keep up your motivation between those training sessions. Good information creates order in your mind while motivation creates the necessary movement.

Some of the best information will come from direct contact with other runners, triathletes and trainers. I aggregated just a very small collection of running tips below to get you started making your training more convenient and effective.

Nutrition: I use to mix powder sports drinks up in my sports bottle and skip the pre-mixed bottles. Drink water throughout the day and the race. For long runs switch between water and electrolyte drinks to avoid dehydration and eat at least every hour whether you feel like you need it or not.

Heat: Start drinking early. Starting to see a pattern here? Drink before, during and after a training or competition even if you don’t feel thirsty. Wear bright clothes and a hat. If you start to feel uncomfortable reduce intensity and drink more. Practice drinking and eating during the run.

Cold: Preferably wear several shirts above each instead of one warm sweater.

Increased Ozone Values: Reduce your training intensities or switch to swimming / cycling. Check your pulse with a heart rate monitor and preferably run in the morning or late afternoon hours.

Prevent Injuries: Coat your feet, inner thighs and anything else that rubs in Vaseline, this will help you avoid painful blisters. For the men, band-aids over the nipples is a life-saver. Pay attention to how your legs and feet feel, bring attention to pain or injury immediately and ice after hard training or workouts to avoid further injury. Don’t do interval training if you did not lay your ground work before with long and slow endurance runs.

Race Day: Always start out slower than you think you actually could in order to conserve energy to get you through the end of the race. For triathlons picture an “energy pie” that needs to be split between all the three disciplines.

Apparel: Do NOT try out new shoes, food or clothing on race day. This can lead to discomfort or even injuries. Skip the cotton socks and invest in the socks designed specifically for running. They will help you avoid blisters and help regulate your body temperature better. Always wear protective under clothing, like spandex shorts and bras to keep from chafing and feeling uncomfortable.

As you can see there are few things to consider when going for competitions. Don’t let this stop you though. An exciting universe of adventures, great feelings and yes – sometimes a little bit of pain – is waiting for you. It’s tons of fun and it is also steeling your character.