How to Improve Your Basketball Training

How to Improve Your  Basketball Training

I have been playing basketball all my life. I played all four years in high school and then went on to play collegiately at West Chester University. Now ever since I have picked up a basketball and really understood the game I have notice that majority of the player’s workouts are totally wrong. The following are a couple of tips that I have picked up over the years that really will improve your game.

First if you are trying to improve your basketball skills your workout must be very intense don’t half step anything. If your working on shooting make sure that your technique is perfect and don’t do anything else until you feel comfortable doing it the right way. Once you get comfortable doing things the right way you have to practice as if you are in a game situation. Working out as if your in a game situation means that you have to go at a fast, hard pace that your not use too. A lot of players work out at a moderate pace which they get use to, so once they are in games they are uncomfortable with the pace and speed.

Their mind can not adapt to the speed which causes confusion and panic. To help you work out at an intense pace you must fuel your body before and afterward. Players overlook one of the most important factors to having a great workout and improving their game. The factor that I am talking about is nutrition. Feeding your body and mind before and after you workout will improve your game dramatically. If you allow yourself to not worry about being tired physically or mentally just imagine how focus you would be on different aspects of your game. If your mental alertness was at an all-time high it will allow you to perfect the drills that you are being taught. Your energy level will be at a point to where fatigue would not be an issue.

This is very important because fatigue is one of the main reasons players pick up bad habits. If you like the article or would like to ask me questions about basketball or nutrition go to my website