The Best Bass Fishing Lures

The Best Bass Fishing Lures

If you are new to the world of bass fishing, this article is for you. In it I will discuss some of the more popular and effective bass fishing lures on the market. If any of them aren’t a part of your bass fishing repertoire, they should be added sooner rather than later. These are some of the best bass fishing lures available to bass anglers.

If you were to list the “top ten” bass fishing lures, the lures listed below would most certainly be on that list. Which one is the best of all of these options? It’s impossible to say, because at the end of the day the best lure for bass is probably different for every angler.

Try all of these options and find the one that feels and works the best for you. The point is that there is no “magic” formula when it comes to fishing. Spend as much time as you can on the water and before you know it you’ll have your own “favorite bass fishing lure”.

  1. The Plastic Worm – The plastic worm is certainly one of the best known lures used for bass of all time, and for good reason. There are many ways of fishing a plastic worm from the ‘Carolina Rig’ to the ‘Wacky Rig’. The plastic worm market has been revolutionized by the Berkley Company with there development of Gulp and Alive products. These fishing baits look and perform just like plastic and have been impregnated with fish attracting scents. Many anglers say that these products even out fish live bait.
  2. The Crank Bait – Crank Baits are any bait that is cast out and reeled in and imitates a bait fish. Crank Baits come in every size and color imaginable. They biggest key with crank baits (in my opinion) is that they appear as lifelike as possible. You want your crank bait to look like the forage that the bass normally eat. One of the best bass fishing lures that imitate a bait fish is the Kicktail Minnow. Some others would include the Shad Rap, the Bagley Killer B, and the Bomber Model A.
  3. The Top Water Lure – Top water lures are very effective for bass. They key to using a top water fishing lure is to make sure that they water is completely flat. The more the water that you’re fishing is like glass, the better for top water fishing. One of the most popular and effective top water bass lures of all time is the Jitterbug. Some others would include the Heddon Zara Spook and the Rebel Bumble Bug.
  4. The Spinner Bait – Spinner baits are a great fishing lure for these fish. These lures work well for all types of bass. The important thing is to match the size of the spinner bait to the bass that you’re fishing for. In other words if you’re fishing for smallmouth bass use a smaller spinner bait, largemouth bass use a larger spinner bait. The point of the matter is that spinner baits are one of the best bass fishing lures available.

As I said earlier, the lures above are some of the best fishing lures that can be used for bass. If any of them aren’t in your tackle box you probably want to add them. All of these lures will help you catch more bass on your next fishing trip.