Correct Your Golf Slice – The Four Parts of a Golf Swing and How to Correct Each Part

Correct Your Golf Slice - The Four Parts of a Golf Swing and How to Correct Each Part

Correct your golf slice by breaking down and fixing the four parts of the golf swing. The best advice I can give anyone trying to overcome a slicing problem is to break down the swing into four parts and dissect your swing to find where your problems are.

I have to ponder for a minute and ask why does this game humble us so easily? How can I hit a great tee shot and then completely fall apart on my next three or four shots? Why is it that just when I have given up on my round do I hit a perfect shot for a par or birdie lifting my confidence. The answer is, consistently bad play and when your inconsistent you hit a great shot.

Let me be the one to suggest a fix to your golf slice problems. Lets break down the swing into the four components.

1. Setup is very important for many reasons, it sets the tone for how you will hit the next shot. How many times have you set and been uncomfortable and then precede to shank or duff that shot. Used to happen to me all the time.

Make sure you have a square setup, feet shoulder width apart with a slight bend in the knees. Furthermore your spine should be straight with a bend at the waist and not the back. Standing too close to the ball or too far away will cause slicing.

2. Grip is the second component and is often the cause of your slicing problems. The grip should be loose because a grip that is too tight will not only cause you to slice but also make your hands hurt half way through your round. I loosened my grip and shaved seven strokes off my game. Furthermore, make sure you can see two or thee knuckles on your training hand when gripping the club.

3. The swing path is often where several problems exist. During the back swing you should be taking the club back slow and steady not fast and jerky. Keep the trailing elbow tucked close to the body and begin to coil your upper body after the club shaft has reached 8 o’ clock.

4. The down swing starts with the hips. When transitioning to the down swing your weight should be shifting onto the front or lead foot with the hips starting that transition. You must also keep the shoulders from opening during the down swing, keep them closed.

Fixing your golf slice is easy when you break down your swing into these four parts and dissect each part. When you understand why you slice fixing it becomes the easy part.