Coping With a Break Up

Coping With a Break Up

Getting over an ex and coping with a break up is one of the post difficult and painful experiences in life. Not only does it lead to feelings of emotional pain and loss but often a lot of unanswered questions as to why the relationship ended or what you could have done better or differently to stop it from ending.

Despite the cause of the break up, having an effective strategy for coping with a break up will not only allow you to regain your confidence faster but it will also prevent you dragging the negative aspects into other areas of your life such as your work.

What happens all to often though is that one person in the relationship, perhaps you, will be desperately trying to rescue the relationship with thousands of late night often drunken texts that literally terrorize the other person.

The fact is this is a perfectly normal reaction but it is a reaction we would like to avoid as these only push the other person further away leaving us feeling worse and as such are not an effective way of coping with a break up. These reactions all come from a sense of panic. When we are in a state of panic we are in a state of desperation and this leads us to do silly and irrational things.

But why would a break up lead to panic? Simply the security or certainty in your life is no gone, the person who brought you love and affection is no gone, as humans we all crave and need love and affection so when our brain thinks that these are going it will panic and try to hold onto them because in that moment it can not think where it is going to come from in the future.

This is why even the most sensible people can literally be driven to act in the most bizarre and crazy ways after a break up. In order to deal with this and start coping with a break up effectively you need to take a break. Trying to get back together while in that state of panic and desperation leads to you saying silly, hurtful, revengeful or nasty things as a way to get attention. The problem with this is often you don’t mean them and you make yourself feel worse for acting in this spiteful way. You know these are not attractive ways to behave and so you know you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Take a break from your ex but don’t go into hiding either. Using this time to reconnect with old friends, get back into an old hobby or concentrate on your work is one way to take your mind off it. If you and your ex share a lot of the same friends, work together or something similar, simply say hay, be polite but avoid getting into a long conversation. Please do not hide out in your room listening to sad songs!

Go out with good friends without drinking is big mistake when coping with a break up, this might seem difficult but alcohol as a depressant, the initial buzz wears off and you will feel worse than every and make silly texts and phone calls that push your ex further away.

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