Olive Leaf Toxicity is Not an Issue and is a Great Aid For Diabetes and Heart Disease

Olive Leaf Toxicity is Not an Issue and is a Great Aid For Diabetes and Heart Disease

Olive leaf toxicity is not an issue as olive leaves are not toxic. They have been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes in different regions around the Mediterranean and throughout Ancient Egypt.   The Ancient Egyptians revered this plant believing that it had heavenly powers and used it in the mummification of their kings.

Over the last forty years many studies have been carried out on olive leaf extract, in particular the phytochemial compound oleuropein, to find out how it fights diseases in the body. However, long before the name oleuropein had been associated with the olive tree, over 150 years ago,  it was being used to treat malaria and tropical diseases by Britton’s returning from visits to tropical colonies.

Some of the results from these European and other world studies show incredible power against bacteria, viruses and parasitic protozoans. The ability that this iridoid has in dealing with pathogens includes:

– Inactivating bacteria by dissolving the outer lining of the microbes.

– Interfering with critical amino acid production that is essential for viruses to survive

– Prevents virus budding at the cell membrane

– Directly penetrating infected cells and stopping viral replication

– Stopping the production of protease, an enzyme, that retroviruses like HIV need to a alter the RNA of a healthy cell.

This means that besides being a useful treatment for someone with AIDS it is very effective at treating colds, flu, shingles and herpes.

Other research has found that it has great protective properties for the heart and sugar levels in the body making it an important treatment for diabetics as well.

Just looking at the results so far it is easy to see why we all should be having oleuropein on a regular basis, and because olive leaf toxicity is not an issue, it is something that can be easily added into our diet but it has a bitter taste and that doesn’t appeal to everyone. 

The way I take oleuropein everyday is as part of a multi nutritional supplement that contains over 70 life enhancing ingredients. I really trust these supplements because they are made from all natural plant extracts and they are synergisitically blended together to give the body the best protection possible.

Besides oleuropein they also contain resveratrol, decaffeinated green tea extract, curcumin, ginko biloba and many others. Each of these bio active plant extracts has many healing and protective properties of their own and when they are combined they do a terrific job in protecting us from the ravages of aging diseases.

There are two other unique qualities that I like about these supplements.

1. They contain an expensive ingredient that stops glycation; glycation is a very degenerative process that the body goes through.

2. They have an enteric coating that protects them from being damaged by the enzymes and acids in the stomach. This coating ensures that all the nutrients are delivered into the small intestines where they can be absorbed and distributed to the rest of the body.

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