3 Different Types of Hair – And How to Remove Your Terminal Hair!

3 Different Types of Hair - And How to Remove Your Terminal Hair!

Well, there are basically 3 types of hair that grows on the human body. This does not include color, length, diameter or thickness.

1. Lanugo: This type will develop and start growing on the unborn child. About 3 months after the child has been conceived this hair starts to grow. This very fine and soft and grows all over the child’s body while he/she grows in the womb. Lanugo all grows at the same time and rate so all these hairs are the same length. About 4 weeks before birth, this type will start to be shed.

2. Vellus: These are very short and will usually measure only 1 to 2 centimeters long. One thing very distinctive about this type of hair is that the follicles for these do not have oil glands. The follicles of this type will never generate hair of any other type. When an adolescent reaches puberty there is an increase in androgenic hormone levels. This increase in hormones will cause the vellus hair to be replaced. Terminal hair will take their place on the body.

3. Terminal: The last type is called terminal. This is your long hair and it usually grows on the head, arms, legs and body. Terminal type can vary among different parts of the body. Your pubic and underarm areas are generally the areas with the thickest grouping other than the head. All the follicles of this type have what’s called sebaceous glands. This gland is what’s responsible for lubricating the shaft. It’s made up of waxes and fats that help to protect the hair. It is secreted via little ducts and is found all over the human body.

Most of the hair that you get removed when you visit a laser hair removal medical spa is of the Terminal type. And, depending on your skin type, determined by Fitzpatrick Skin typing, the technician working with you will select the appropriate laser machine to use.

This darker terminal type is what makes it possible for laser hair removal to work. The laser will target the dark melanin of the follicle and destroy it with its heat energy. As long as the color of the melanin is darker than the skins’ you should have very good results with your removal treatments. That’s why it’s important to get your skin typed correctly and for the technician to consult with you.

Though you actually have 3 different types of hair on your body from just after conception, you mainly have terminal hair as an adult. If you have this hair in places it’s really not wanted, look into laser hair removal as a permanent removal solution.