Tips to Save on Wedding Flowers

Tips to Save on Wedding Flowers

Flowers are extremely important in a wedding. There are three major uses of flowers; these are the bridal bouquet, the wedding decorations, and the wedding centerpieces. Due to the extensive use of flowers, the wedding’s budget may go over the edge. But it is also possible to have beautiful flowers while keeping the wedding expenses low. Here are some useful ideas.

Bridal Bouquet

Every bride has a favorite flower. The flower reflects her personality, her style, and her outlook on life. Whenever possible, this particular flower should be in her bouquet. But there would be a tremendous dilemma if this flower will not be in season during the wedding day. Buying flowers out of season can be terribly expensive. To save, the bride should consider having a bridal bouquet that may not contain her favorite bloom or only some of her favorite flowers. On the bright side, the bridal bouquet that contains different kinds of flowers signifies the woman’s transition from single life to married life. Marriage can be fascinatingly complicated like the bridal bouquet.

The bridal bouquet can be composed of flowers that were taken from the backyard, from a street vendor, from a local flower shop or from an online store. When choosing these flowers, the most important aspect is color. The colors should match the wedding theme. Then, have a friend arrange the flowers. If nobody knows anything about flower arrangement, it would be a good idea to research first and check out various flower arrangements before experimenting with the bridal bouquet. In arranging the bouquet, there might be a need for ribbons and trailing greens. Lastly, make sure that the flowers look fresh during the wedding ceremony. One trick to do this is to cut off an inch of the stem at roughly 30 degrees and then immediately place the flowers in water or in the refrigerator.

Wedding Decorations

The key to saving on flowers when planning wedding decorations is to use these blooms sparingly. The wedding, after all, is not a botanical display. This means that in using flowers for decorations, the blooms need only to be placed strategically. When you need only a few flowers, the expenses are greatly reduced. To find affordable flowers for wedding decorations, the best places to look are the backyard garden (if you or a friend has a flower garden), the grocery store, and local wholesalers. The flowers at the grocery store may not appear pretty enough, but with ribbons, these simple flowers can be jazzed up to suitably grace the wedding. These flowers will also look fantastic in beribboned vases.

Wedding Centerpieces

A flower arrangement is a favorite choice for wedding centerpieces. This is why many florists would offer free flower centerpieces if the bridal bouquet is bought from them. But if no such deal is available, there are other alternatives, such as candles, fruits, and de’cor from the craft store. If flowers should be present, one technique is to purchase plenty of baby’s breath and just have a single rose on the centerpiece of each table and three roses at the main table.