In Love

In Love

Do you, like a lot of people still believe in “love at first sight”? If you don’t, that’s okay, because there are a lot of people who don’t believe in love at first sight. They believe that love grows over time, so how do you know if the person you have been dating is the one? How do we know when the countless dates we have had with each other are turning into something more? And how do you know that it is love at first sight and not just “lust at first sight”?

Not everyone believes in love at first sight, but it does happen. It is hard to negate the feeling of being thunder struck when you look at someone; in a good way of course. Immediate thoughts of your future with the person and what your kids will look like are common with love, not lust. Lust at first sight is a purely physical reaction. Thoughts of the future are not present. It is the here and now, wanting to be with that person if only for a short time. There are no feelings of loss when the person is gone because there were no feelings of love to begin with.

Some psychiatrists believe that love at first sight is dependent on what you are feeling at the time your eyes meet the other persons. Psychiatrists also say that men fall in love at first sight more than women do. They also believe that a person will not fall in love at first sight unless they are ready to fall in love, subconsciously or not. In the end, how do you know when it is more than just a date?

When people fall in love, they are often nervous and anxious since they have not experienced love before. Especially if they are feelings never before experienced. Don’t push the feelings aside and don’t try to deny them because strong feelings such as love are not easy to hide away from. You never know, your date might be experiencing the same thoughts and feelings you are.

Most people are trying to find love, looking for that one person that completes them, the one they can live happily ever after with. So when the feeling hits and it happens to you, embrace it, and try not to run from it. To love the right person is a great feeling.