I Still Love Him, I Still Love Her – Does My Ex Still Want Me Back?

I Still Love Him, I Still Love Her - Does My Ex Still Want Me Back?

With the way many people in the world view relationships and relationship status, it can be quite disconcerting to have someone break up with you and still try to be friends. You might wonder, “Is he giving me signs that he wants me back?” or “Is she acting this way because she still loves me?” or any number of thoughts that would lead you to wonder “Are these signs that my ex wants me back?” or something very similar. Fortunately for you, there are ways to tell that go beyond knowing if your ex still cares about you but if your ex really wants you back.

Content of Contact

Of course your ex is going to contact you if he said he wants to be friends. He might invite you out with other friends or just talk to you through emails or texts. Depending on how he contacts you is a major factor on if he’s giving you signs about wanting you back. There are varying levels of contact that will be the factors you need in learning if your ex wants you back. When your ex calls you, does he prolong your conversation as much as he can?

If he is sending emails… does he ask about anything “new” in your life and refer to, perhaps, a new beau? Does he manage to bump into you when you’re out and does he look fantastic? When he’s around, does he touch you in the caring way he always did before? Are you wondering “do these actions show signs of my ex wanting me back?” If you’re answering yes to any or all of these questions, it’s very likely that the content of contact with your ex is pointing to him wanting you back.

What is My Ex Saying?

All measures of contact are going to give you reason to question your ex’s motives and make you wonder if she wants you back. With the emotional connection involved in any relationship your ex is most likely going to care about you to some degree or another. Women are especially serious when it comes to wanting to be “friends” after a breakup. Unfortunately, women can be extremely confusing when it comes to “signs my ex wants me back.” Women don’t always think about the confusing signals they might send because they’ll always be giving gentle touches to someone they care about. What you need to learn is what she is saying.

If she is talking about the good times you used to have, she’s missing you. If she is telling you about what she’s been working on to improve herself (and they’re little tidbits that annoyed or bothered you before), she’s letting you know she’s trying to change for you. If she is communicating through her friends (she has them talk to you about your life), she’s seeing if you’re still interested.

Basically, how much and how frequently your ex contacts you will answer your question of “are these signs my ex wants me back?” and will allow you to make a plan for getting your ex back.