Marketing Real Estate Online That Will Get You Traffic

Marketing Real Estate Online That Will Get You Traffic

With the housing market being as competitive as it is these days you will want to use any marketing tool available in order to gain the advantage. I don’t know of any agents who use the principles I’ll be sharing with you for marketing Real Estate On-line that will get you traffic. Using these techniques will get your web site or listing on the first page of giving you the best On-line exposure possible. Right now you have enough computer knowledge to implement the process. The out of pocket expense is minimal and you can get this going in your spare time.

Marketing Real Estate On-line

What will get you traffic? We are going to use the same principles Internet Marketers use to build their businesses. First off, you have to have a web site or listing On-line to drive the traffic to. Most of you have your own web page already. Now the secret is using keywords people enter when searching for Real Estate. I’ll use my town for the example here. A person Google’s…Antioch Illinois Real Estate listings, and several thousand article listings come up. (See where it says results above the listings?) Now do the same keyword phrase in “quotes” and you will see about 2300 article listings for that phrase. Any number under 5000 means low competition for that phrase.

Using the same example you will write a informative article about Antioch Real Estate, writing 300 to 500 words making sure you use the keyword phrase…Antioch Illinois Real Estate listings 3 to 5 times through out the article. Now you must use the keywords in the title of the article as well. The title could look like this…Brown’s Realty-Antioch Illinois Real Estate listings. This strategy is excellent for marketing Real Estate On-line that will get you traffic.

Google loves information, and with the low competition you will be sure to rank first page. Once you write the article you will point the reader using a link at the bottom of the page to either a web site or a Real Estate listing page that you want to sell. Simply look over the format of this article and it will give you a good idea on how it’s done. There are several “free” article directories to submit the article to. The power of this method becomes clear when you repeat the process over and over again using different keyword phrases related to Real Estate. At first it will appear awkward as you work through it. But once you get it down it will take less than an hour to dominate marketing Real Estate On-line that will get you traffic.

My purpose here was to give you an overview on just one of the marketing methods. You will need to educate yourself on the details of this strategy. The information you learn will open your eyes to numerous opportunities regarding marketing real Estate On-line that will get you traffic. There is nothing more exciting that seeing your work on the 1st page of Google.