Samsung ML 1750 Compatible Toner – Reusable Toner Helps the Planet Stay Green

Samsung ML 1750 Compatible Toner - Reusable Toner Helps the Planet Stay Green

Small but mighty – that’s the Samsung ML 1750 Printer – Samsung ML 1750 Toner combo. At 21 lbs., the ML 1750 was the lightest digital monochrome cassette-type laser printer on the market when it was first released in 2003. Tens of thousands of Samsung ML 1750 Printers continue to churn out documents every day.

The 166 MHz PCL6 GDI processor is powerful enough to handle 16 pages per minute of super crisp print or graphics. The Samsung ML 1750 is still fast for the SOHO market and powerful enough for large printing assignments. Memory is no problem, with 8 megs standard. The 1200 X 600 dots per inch printing with an ink ribbon cartridge and high pressure ink feed gives you digital laser printing at its sharpest.

User-friendly convenience features include USB 2.0 and IEEE 1284 parallel connectivity as well as support for Windows OS (), Mac OS (8.6), and Linux implementations. A 250-sheet cassette feeder is versatile enough for standard and non-standard paper sizes. That’s the way Samsung thinks about the end-user first.

A single sheet manual feed slot is standard, as is a 1 up, 49 down 50-sheet capacity multi-page slot. The Samsung ML 1750 laser printer has survived 6 years in the top echelon of laser printers in the Small Office/Home Office niche because it was specifically and successfully designed and engineered to meet the demands and needs of the SOHO market. The style, speed, features and power assist SOHOs produce quality documents cheaper and faster Samsung ML-1750 Toner only further enhances the ML-1750’s quality print abilitities.

Keeping in mind that a prime demographic for the printer would increasingly be the home office as that particular segment continued to grow over the years, many a consultant or sales agent swears by the ability of the Samsung ML 1750 laser printer to print almost silently, meaning you can print all the coppies you need of a multi-page document at 2 in the morning without waking the baby. The 600 X 1200 printing means everyone of your documents is indistinguishable in print quality what the Fortune 100 can do.

The 250 sheet paper tray means less paper loading time: easy as that the Samsung ML 1750 increases office efficiency. The printer accommodates standard paper sizes as well as postcard, labels and envelopes. The ML-1750′ toner save is a push button feature that lets you print in draft quality for interoffice paperwork, reducing toner use and costs for as long as the unit is in operation.

This enables SOHOs lower operating costs without lowering quality. With the Samsung ML-1750 you don’t ever need to compromise on quality printing. And the reduce size feature allows you to print up to 16 reduced versions of the same page on one sheet of paper.