How a DIY Solar Panel Guide Changed My Life

How a DIY Solar Panel Guide Changed My Life

My electric bill was killing me

The bad economy, oil prices going up and down, inflation… with all that is going on my power company raised their rates by almost 10%. I just couldn’t keep up; I was doing all I could do use as little power at home as possible. Something was going to have to change but I did not know what. IF that wasn’t bad enough this whole issue of climate change has me concerned, but what could I do?

Climate change and the individual

I have a three year old and when I think about her future I can’t help but think of climate change and the environment. I was always taught that as an individual I could make a difference, but this thing is so big what could I do? I was having that discussion with a friend whom I had not seen in quite a while and that is when he told me about a website that teaches regular people how to build solar panels and windmills; I was intrigued.

DIY solar panel guide – best 50 bucks I ever spent

I went to the website and, read through it, and decided to buy their guide. It cost 50 bucks and I am glad I bought it. As soon as it was downloaded I could plainly see that these plans were designed for people who didn’t know much about building stuff; you know, the non-engineer types. everything I need was plainly aid for me, even pre-written material lists.

Easy and cheap to build

I took the material list to the hardware store and got everything on the list in one place for $189.00. Took it home and laid everything out. Then I read through the instructions one time and went to work. I was really surprised when 6 hours later I had a great looking solar panel. I was so pleased with my self and my DIY solar panel guide! The next day I hooked it up to my house (following the instructions and all the safety steps of course). Two electric bills later I was even more surprised to see that I had saved about 40% on my bill with just that one panel.

Anyone concerned about the environment should be get to know this DIY solar panel guide

Individuals can make a difference; if 1 out of ten people who owns a home built just one solar panel or windmill using this easy to read and follow DIY solar panel guide… I mean think of all the energy that would be save, all the oil that we would not use. Yes I am saving money, but I know I am also doing my part to save something more important for my little girl.