Eco Friendly Cleaners Help the Family Stay Healthy

Eco Friendly Cleaners Help the Family Stay Healthy

There are many different types of cleaners used, there are pet sprays, oven cleaners, spray foam rug cleaners and one thing they all have in common is they are not eco friendly cleaners. They are cleaners filled with chemicals that are toxic and being sprayed on the dog to keep fleas off of them or to make them smell clean. There are oven cleaners that use chemicals to melt the burned on grease in the oven and there are foam sprays that are supposed to make the carpet clean and smell nice.

The problem with these is when using them they can make you cough, they can irritate the eyes, and this is not a good sign. What is worse is the pet sprays are being put directly on what is supposed to be your best friend and it can have skin and health effects on them. These types of cleaners and pet sprays cannot only harm pets they can cause rashes and allergic reactions in humans and often the most affected humans are children.

To end this problem and reduce the amount of toxins in the home means getting rid of all the cleaners in the cupboard and replacing them with eco friendly cleaners that do not contain chemicals. These cleaners are made from natural products and do not contain harmful chemicals. They are ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years to keep homes clean; to keep pets clean and bug free, to polish wood and the best part is they are safe. They will not harm humans or pets they will not harm the earth or the ozone.

The earth takes punishment from smoke, smog and other man made punishments and cleaners do not have to be added to the group of caustic things put into the air and into the ground. It is easy to change this pattern of abuse on the earth and it needs to change as there has been so much damage done already. These eco friendly products are non petroleum based, they have neutral pH levels and are non aerosol products. That is not true with any of the toxic cleaners and that means they do hurt the environment. What else getting rid of these toxins will do is make the air in the home a better quality for the family to breath. This is because chemicals were in the air before even when the area was clean and smelled clean and the reason is toxic cleaners leave residue behind and they are sprayed in the air.

Eco Friendly cleaners are made with ingredients like real citrus, not just citrus scent and other natural products that clean just as well and do not poison the air or disturb the natural balance of the environment. This is important since there are so many other pollutants in the environment; this is something personal that can be done to begin changing the level of pollutions.