Insulated Pet Doors

Insulated Pet Doors

Insulated pet doors are weather proof and can keep your energy bills manageable. How? They have dual flaps with a cushion of air in between them. It works like the vestibule or foyer in older houses, only a lot smaller of course. It has the outside flap that leads to the inside flap and blocks the wind and the weather. So it only lets in what you want – your pet, not the heat of summer or blistery cold of winter.

Insulated pet doors can be designed to fit in a wall or a door or a window. Because of their sturdy construction, they are a benefit year round. In the autumn, these doors keep the wind and the leaves from blowing through and ending up all over your floor. It also keeps out that high pitched howling sound that can unnerve anyone around Halloween, or any other time of the year. They keep out those harsh winter drafts that can suck the heat right our of your house and cause your furnace to work overtime. During the Spring, insulated pet doors keep the allergens out. You’ll be surprised how much less you have to dust your furniture. In the summer they help keep the cool air in and the heat of the sun out. All the while, your pets can come and go when you want them to, season after season. What could be better?

Insulated pet doors provide security because you can lock them when you are away. Many a burglar has snuck through an unprotected pet door designed for a larger dog. Another security advantage is when your pet uses the dual flap system, it reduces the likelihood of a flap getting stuck open, letting all sorts of things in you’d rather not have in your house.

It may take a little while for your pet to get the hang of going through two doors, especially if they have only used the single floppy type of the older pet doors. This may especially be true for cats. But a little coaxing and they will get the idea in no time. You don’t have to worry. There is not enough space between the two flaps for them to feel they are getting trapped. You won’t have a panicky pet. 

It is best to purchase an insulated pet door that has flexible flaps as opposed to the harder stiff type that can be harsh feeling on their backs. Everyone likes a back scratch now and then, but that is no way for your pet to get one. A flexible vinyl is the best way to go. More and more models are manufacturing the flaps with this softer but still weather resistant material. 

So, it would be a wise move to install an insulated pet door. The savings in energy bills could likely pay for it in one year. That way you won’t have a hole in your door or wall sucking out the comfortable air. You also won’t have a huge hole in your wallet every time the energy bill comes in the mail.