Handcrafted Baby Name Necklaces Vs Machine Stamped Necklaces

Handcrafted Baby Name Necklaces Vs Machine Stamped Necklaces

There is a mystique about artisans; specially gifted people who are able to communicate beauty, tenderness, values, love, trust, and compassion through their hands and into the precious metals, gems, wood, raw material with which they work. Handcrafted Baby name necklaces share that special quality of drawing upon the depth of the hearts of the maker, the giver, and the wearer. My art teacher used to tell me he could not judge someone else’s message, but he could share the inspiration and guide the techniques used.

Artisan vs Machine

Handcrafted Baby Name jewelry allows you to guide the artisan to produce the message that you want to share, whereas with machines that will do what you say, they do not have any heart and inspiration to draw on to add to the depth of your feelings and add their own connectedness. Machines do great jobs; we as a society rely on them for cars, juice, milk, houses, and all the basics in our life. However, once we start relying on them to create a loving message, maybe we better start looking at what we are plugged into.

Handcrafted Baby Name Necklaces

These necklaces are made for gifts and talismans of love and affection for either the new baby in your family, the entire family membership, or even special occasions celebrated. Usually made in either silver or gold to allow the engraving of names and dates, these necklaces can be handed down from generation to generation as valuable family keepsakes. A popular trend is to add birth month crystals or gems as colorful and unique accents. Because that is another of the virtues of handcrafted, artisan workmanship; just as you are unique and special, there is no one else like you, so is each piece of jewelry that is created.

Triple Tiny Charms Necklace in Silver

Handcrafted baby name necklaces can be big or small, luxurious or simple, elegant or adorable. The Mom’s Name Charm Necklace is a lovely sterling silver charm that is as small as a dime and attached to a sterling silver chain made by an artist with a name. Holly, who puts all her love and spirit into the creation of the jewelry, textures each charm by a hammering process that gives a subtle rippling effect. Then, she engraves the name, word, and or dates that you have given her onto the face and reverse of the charm in her own elegant script, attaches the birth month Swarovski Crystal that you chose, and secures it to the chain. She does this as many times as names, charms, and crystals that you desire.

All Gold Name Charm Necklaces

For the mother who loves gold, and radiates the warmth and beauty of the sun, handcrafted baby name necklaces in gold are the perfect choice. The same artisan, Holly, will create for you as beautiful a charm necklace in gold as she did in silver, and as unique. Each touch of the hammer and each curve of the letter is accomplished with your message in mind. The gift of the handcrafted baby name necklaces is in the spirit of creation as much as the necklace itself.