Learning Emotional Flow

Learning Emotional Flow

A guided meditation from Hethball

This is Hethball speaking. We want you to take a look at yourself in a way you are not accustomed to. Pretend that you are the image on a photographic negative. What if you existed in a dimension of reality where the photographic negative was the normal way to be? What would happen if you were a reverse of yourself? If you were taken from your familiar reality and placed into a projecting device, and found yourself existing in two places at once, you might not know where your reality was. This is how you must see yourself in this life: there are parts of yourself that exist elsewhere than where you are now. Also accept the turmoil that comes about because you can’t identify specifically what you are. Then, when you find that you are upset in your emotions, you will accept what you find: an exchange of energy between different locations and different kinds of nature; the shift that happens when one space is created within another. You must accept this kind of exchange as normal.

Now we want you to relax inside. Let yourself become at peace. Notice a shifting within the peace. You are always moving about inside. There is a potential energy there. These are your emotions, the potential shifting. When you try to limit these shifts, you interfere with the progress of reality, because your belief system holds that these shifts are not good, and you unconsciously raise internal barriers. We want you to unlock these dimensions. Let yourself relax again. Imagine that there is a high-level force entering the streams of your consciousness. This high-level force from another dimension begins to overtake you. Notice how you respond when you sense something overtaking your consciousness. Be aware of the barriers that rise up, and of how you shift into a high gear of resistance. Now we want you to let things flow through. No matter what it is, let it go by you. No matter what you feel, let the feeling happen.

See yourself rising to a higher level of reality. When you look around, you see that there is flow happening. All around you is flowingness. The idea of a higher dimension contains the idea of fleecy whiteness, of clouds flowing by. Shifting happens easily and effortlessly on the higher planes of reality. This is how you must become. See yourself as something that floats in the wind. Now we’d like you to remember a time in your past when your emotions were hurt, when some disaster befell you. And we want you to increase the energy input to your memory of that time until you can see the higher energies filling you up. We want you to see how energy flows through you as you were in that previous experience, to aid you in healing that moment. You are sending the light of the present time, the understanding of flow that you now have, into your experience in the past. See how you flow, how light you become when flowing happens… how light you feel now, letting it happen in the past. See how you unravel the darkness, the mystery and the confusion, and make them light. Make yourself as if you couldn’t hear the sounds, as if the disaster’s wind passed by you but didn’t touch you because you were like an open door. Now open your heart and let love pour through it. Let the experience of love permeate your thought consciousness so that you send it into the previous darkness, the pain that you felt, the emotions that rise up with the pain. Let yourself experience laughter and love together to help heal the past.

Now you’ve created joy, and joy will help you overcome your pain and suffering. When you find joy, your emotions rise to a higher level and your emotions are at peace. You now have a peaceful understanding of how things work in the universe, and how you can add joy to your life. Don’t be afraid to come here often. Add laughter to the sounds you enjoy when you express yourself. Laugh wholeheartedly. You are more alive when you have flow. Increase your flow by laughing out loud, letting your energy bodies bounce, letting them feel bouncy in the winds of change, in the flow of love, in the expression of joy. Imagine yourself laughing loudly; let yourself see it happen, joyfulness overtaking you. How often do you let yourself feel enjoyment? Now, the universe loves this. It loves when you’re happy. You will find freedom by bringing a joyful attitude to everything in which you are involved. Then your emotions will be free of their bondage to the earth plane, to the past, to your dark experiences. With an attitude of joyfulness you will become free again. You will regain the freedom you had before. The wings of joy will carry you to heavenly experiences. Now go with love into the worldly experiences, and take joy with you.

In a Nutshell Imagine being a photographic negative in a projecting device. See a projection of yourself. Being both a negative and a projection is confusing to the emotions, but notice a flow of energy between the two places. Notice that there are some obstacles to that flow. Imagine yourself floating upward. As you do, notice that the energy flows through the barriers. Remember emotional pain that you have experienced. Send light and love to that time and see how you can increase the flow through the pain. Let the love become laughter and joy. Laugh out loud.