Learning How to Sing Better – The Importance of Warming Up

Learning How to Sing Better - The Importance of Warming Up

It’s a well-known point that athletes warm up prior to any event or performance. As an example, a football player will run, a tennis player will lightly volley, and a dancer will stretch. Warming up readies the body for what’s next and reduces the possibility of injury. For a singer, warming up is just as essential.

Unfortunately, many singers–especially those just learning how to sing–sing without warming up properly. It’s easy to just start singing (e.g. along with a song on the radio), but if the singer is committed to improving her craft, then remembering to warm up before singing goes a long way. Warming up doesn’t take long, reduces the chance of injury, and has the following benefits:

  • During a proper warm up, the amount of air passing the vocal folds begins small and gradually increases –thus preventing too much air from being forced through the vocal folds (which can result in irritation).
  • The outer muscles of larynx become relaxed and loose. This helps prevent them from taking the larynx out of a stable position when the singer actual starts “singing”.
  • The singer becomes accustomed to how her voice is feeling that particular day and can then adjust the amount of warm up time required to have everything “working properly”.
  • It mentally prepares her for the upcoming performance or practice session.

So when should a singer warm up? Every time she practices and performs–no exceptions. Failure to warm up will inhibit progress when learning how to sing better and could lead to injury.

Learning how to sing better requires time, work, and proper instruction. Always warming up prepares the singer to get the best of out her craft.