National Life Brokerage Marketing Review – NAILBA Independent Brokerage Agencies a Smash Hit

National Life Brokerage Marketing Review - NAILBA Independent Brokerage Agencies a Smash Hit

There are numerous national life brokerage marketing agency firms. Yet there are few like NAILBA, The National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies, getting a review declaring them a smash hit. Find out what makes this linked collection of agencies such a unique brokerage organization.

Hearing National Life Brokerage Organization, makes you wonder if they are a two person shop, one individual giant private firm, a company marketing firm, or a group of independent life brokerage agencies. In my review of NAILBA, I can easy see it is the later. Although there are some similar brokerage groups, NAILBA has certainly taken a unique approach to recruiting and the services provided brokers. Thereby it has raised itself to maximum capabilities. The non-profit Organization wins, and the life independent wholesale agencies, the brokers, and the insurance companies all profit.

It pointed out to me three main things. The power of unification, the strength of diversity, and the fulfilled demand for personalized individual broker service. In 26 years of working with all types and variances of life, annuity, and health insurance marketing organization have I rarely seen all three key features merge seamlessly together. Even more amazing was the concept of keeping all the brokerage agencies independent. When I learned that this consisted of more than 350 member brokerage general agencies in the United States and Canada, I was even more impressed.

Searching further, I discovered how much the leadership had invested to make this mutually profitable. Most BGA’s, Brokerage General Agencies, that I know very well or review, start with zero training assistance. As a member, three total tool kits are wisely made available as resource guides. In detail, they provide Brokerage Agencies to work more efficiently with their insurance providers. In addition, a resource guide is devoted to marketing their independent brokerage operation. Moreover, backbone is strengthened by illustrating how to increase the operational efficiencies of the participating members.

Product diversification is a key item to survival through an economic downturn. Fortunately, NAILBA and its members had the insight to not put all their eggs into a speculative basket, only to find their work cracked apart. With a base of around 100,000 independent brokers in the United States and Canada, I was not surprised to see that around a billion dollars of first year life insurance premiums are collected annually.

Since I am not aware of the breakdown, I can still give an awareness of the impact on insurance brokers. Although not all their insurance brokers write for them exclusively, as they are also independent, the figures I derived at were significant. If 70% of their producers were active, and writing in the United States that would total 70,000 producers. Reviewing my records, it indicates currently 490,000 brokers in the U.S. exist from the total base of 1,500,000 licensed agents.

This means one out of every 7 semi-independent agents or independent brokers are connected with marketing insurance through one of their life brokerage general agencies in the United States. It is difficult to get much stronger than this association of Brokerage General Agents. Collectively they are more powerful than many life insurance companies are. They have paved the way from a hazardous financial trail to a rewarding occupation for many agents to take. Thanks to NAILBA and others like them, agents today have an easier route to becoming independent.